I have a list of comic book series I am currently reading listed here on the site.  That list does not include one-shots and limited series.  Against my better judgement I want to add two new titles to my list.  One I have pretty much decided to add IDW’s new ongoing Star Trek series.  That leaves room for one more title.  That’s where YOU come in.

I’d like YOUR input on what title I should start reading.  It can be a current title or one of DC’s New 52.  Keep in mind that soon I will start writing reviews of all the titles I am currently reading and not only will that title be added to the list of reviews, I will mention who inspired me to start reading that title and you just might win a special gift.

So it’s time for a little reader interaction guys and gals.  Convince me to start reading a particular title and win a prize, it’s as simple as that.  I will take submissions right up until August 31st when I will announce the winner.  All decisions will be final and chosen by yours truly.