There seems to be an unhealthy fascination lately over whether Wonder Woman wears short or long pants.  Given that I have never put much thought into it one way or the other until recently, I decided to weigh in on the subject.  With the launch of DC’s New 52 only two and a half weeks away there has been a lot of discussion, good and bad about DC’s decision to revamp their entire line of titles.

With the revamp comes a change to a lot of character’s costumes, some good, some bad.  One of the most notable besides Superman’s change of threads is Wonder Woman and her pants.  The first image of the new Justice League had the Amazon Princess sporting long pants, much like her redesigned look from last year minus the half jacket.

Being a purest when it comes to comic book heroes I would normally argue for Wonder Woman to keep her classic look.  But I always thought that her look was a little too outrageous and completely impractical for the type of hero she is.  I liked the new look she was given last year and I like this newer look even better.  This could lead into a much bigger discussion on the objectification of women in comic and all of that, but I don’t want to have that discussion here.  It’s enough to say that I haven’t always been happy about the way female heroes are drawn in comics.  So I was relieved when DC changed Wonder Woman’s look.

The question at hand is pants or no pants.  I think her long pants look is much better.  The costume is more conducive to her style of crime fighting.  Wonder Woman can scrap with the best of them and she needs to look the part.  I think that her new look makes her look tougher and more capable.  It also makes her look less like eye candy and more like a legitimate character.

I’ve always been a fan of the female superheroes.  Wonder Woman and Batgirl have always been my favorites.  As a comic book fan, I am very happy that the “geek girl” community is standing up and demanding a bigger female presence in the industry.  That being said I would like to know what you the reader think of this Wonder Woman debate.  Do you like the new look or do you prefer her classic costume?