This may not be the best forum for something like this, but it belongs to me and I can pretty much say whatever I want to here.  This really needs to be said and it needs to be said publicly.

A short time ago I posted an article about how a nerd (like me) can survive marriage with a non-nerd (like my wife).  I told her ahead of time that I was writing it and she was curious to read it when I was finished.  Other than screwing up about how many years we’ve been married (I’m a guy remember that) she loved the article.

Over the past few weeks an opportunity fell into my lap that I was so incredibly excited about.  It was something I have been working toward for a while now and it looked like I was finally making it happen.  Normally my wife (bless her) greets my nerdish news with limited enthusiasm.  Not that she’s not happy for me, but she just isn’t into the same things and what generally gets me excited tends to just mildly amuse her.

To my complete surprise, my wife has gotten on board with this new opportunity 100 percent.  Not that I expected her to bash it or even piss on the notion that I could do something other than what I’ve done the entire time we’ve been together.  She realizes and acknowledges that this is something that I am very passionate about and she is embracing it with that same passion.  So before I go any further and risk her getting the wrong idea about what I am trying to get at, I just want to say, “Thank you so much Stephanie.”

You guys don’t know how lucky I am.  Those of you who know us personally may snicker behind our backs or even give us strange looks when we tell them that we as a couple are attending comic book conventions.  But I can’t fully articulate how happy and grateful I am to my wife for making this something that we can do together.  I know deep down she’d rather be doing something else, anything else probably, but she is helping me with this so that I might be successful.

Now this isn’t totally without compromise mind you.  I have agreed to try and play tennis with her.  Part of me is actually scared about this because my wife is really competitive and she does and plays everything to win.  I’ve actually taken a Wii controller to the head when we played Wii tennis together.  My wife doesn’t screw around when it comes to stuff like that.  Our friends don’t like to play trivia games with us because we take it so seriously.  They usually insist that we are on opposite teams so that the field is more equal.

My wife is very girly.  She’s into shoes and smelling good and Coach purses, so putting her into an environment of comic books, action figures and people that dress like Klingons is really out of the norm for her.  But on our very first trip to a small local ‘con together she handled it with patience and a certain level of curiosity.  She even volunteered to be my official photographer so find interesting things to take pictures of while I am off talking to writers and artists is now her thing.  I can wait until she’s thrust headlong into our first big multi-day ‘con in Atlanta next month.

I have to say that I am truly lucky.  Not lucky like winning the lottery or anything like that, but lucky nonetheless.  I am lucky that I have a loving, caring and understanding wife that not only overlooks my many, many flaws, but loves me in spite of them.  Not everyone is blessed with a spouse like mine that would take a vested interest in something she would rather ignore.  Like with everything else we’ve approached in our relationship, we’re tackling it together.  I may be the talent, but she is definitely the brains behind it and I love her for that.

So if you run into me at a ‘con in the future, don’t forget that I wouldn’t be where I am without the love and support of my wife.  Say hello to her also, because however hard I work at doing what I do, she is working so much harder to make sure I am the best at what I am doing.  And if you happen to be the wife of a nerd and know what it is like, then tell her.  She needs all the encouragement and support she can get.

To close this out I just want her to know something.  We’re in this together baby, like always.  Through thick and thin, good or bad, we’re in it together.  I love you, I need you and I appreciate you for everything you do.  You are my rock, my inspiration and my partner.  We’ve done some incredible things together and we’re going to keep on doing incredible things, together.  The adventure continues!