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Slythe and his lizard army are closing in fast on the ThunderCats.  Tygra urges Lion-O to stand their ground and fight the lizards, but Lion-O chooses to run instead of fighting.  They take refuge in a heavily thicketed forest where they encounter the Petalars, a race of living sentient flowers.
The Petalars are trying to find their way back home.  Lion-O offers to help them find their way out of the forest.  One of the young Petalars takes a shine to Lion-O and follows his every move.  Cheetara soon realizes that the Petalars live their entire lifetime in a single day.
As Lion-O watches his Petalar friend grow up he sees a lot of himself in him.  But as they close to reaching the end of their journey, some of the lizards catch up and capture the ThunderCats.  The Petalars seeing their friends in need come to their rescue and help Lion-O and the others fight off the lizards.
General Slythe grows impatient and orders the forest set on fire to drive the ThunderCats out.  The Petalars quickly realize that the fire is their way out of the forest.  Using the updrafts from the fire, the Petalars are carried up and out of the forest.  As the others are being carried away by the winds, Lion-O Petalar friend reaches the end of his life and dies in Lion-O’s arms.
It is then that Lion-O learns the greatest lesson, never to give up hope.  Watching his Petalar friend live and die teaches him about himself and growing up.  Lion-O orders the ThunderCats to stand and face the lizards instead of retreating.  They bravely confront the lizards, but there are too many.  Just when all seems hopeless, an unfamiliar armored vehicle comes to the ThunderCat’s rescue.  Their mysterious savoir then reveals himself, Panthro has returned.
This was a really great episode.  Not only did it tell a life lesson story which seems to be the theme for the ThunderCats, it was the perfect mix of story and action.  It was rather sad when Lion-O’s Petalar friend died toward the end of the episode, but the lesson behind was one that touch even the most seasoned adult.  Another great event in this episode was the fact that Panthro has been found, or rather he has found the other ThunderCats.  The old gang has finally been united together.  I am hoping this bodes well for the rest of the season.
5 out of 5