The new Justice League series is due to hit the shelves next week.  Up until now details for the first story arc have been vague.  Last week, the creative team behind the new comic series Geoff Johns and Jim Lee announced who the new team will be squaring off against.

“On Friday, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee appeared together on Sirius XM’s “Geek Time” to discuss the launch of DC Comics-The New 52 and their first ever collaboration — JUSTICE LEAGUE. During the interview, they revealed the identity of the series’ first villain. What threat is so big that it brings together the team for the first time? If you don’t want to know who it is just yet, then whatever you do, don’t click after the jump (major spoiler alert!).
In the first story arc of JUSTICE LEAGUE, the villain needs no introduction: Darkseid.”

This is big news for this first issue.  Darkseid is one of the baddest of the bad in the DC Universe.  Before the reboot of their line, Darkseid was apparently killed by Batman just before being killed himself.  But we all know that Batman always has a plan, and he managed to return from the grave.  Darkseid didn’t appear to be as lucky.

Justice League #1 will be released August 31.