This new ThunderCats series just keeps getting better.  I know I have said this in previous reviews of this series, but this isn’t the ThunderCats I remember as a kid.  This series is very well thought out with genuine stories and great voice acting.  If I only had one complaint it would be Will Friedle and this is my off handed attempt at an off handed complement.  For those of you not familiar with Will Friedle, he was the voice of Terry McGinnis/Batman in Batman Beyond.  Will is the voice of Lion-O but whenever I hear him talk I always think of Batman Beyond.  Probably not what the creators of this series wanted; the viewers reminded of a different show, but it isn’t a bad thing in this case because however much I liked the original ThunderCats, I like this new series that much more.

Grune’s (Clancy Brown) tale of Panthro’s (Kevin Michael Richardson) demise has turned out to be false.  After coming to the ThunderCat’s aid with his ThunderTank, Panthro attempts to make repairs to the vehicle.  But the ThunderTank is out of Thundrillium and they must risk finding more in the Cloud Peak Mine.  Grune and the lizards are already in the mine gathering massive amounts of the Thundrillium ore for Mumm-Ra’s (Robin Atkin Downes) army of machines.

Panthro recalls the day he and Grune met as young cats on the battlefield.  The two make an impressive pair and quickly rise through the ranks of the ThunderCat army to become two of its greatest generals.  They are tasked by King Claudus to locate the Book of Omens and set out to find the mythical book.  But Grune’s lust for power and desire to be king blinds him from his duties.  He hears Mumm-Ra’s call and ventures deep into the desert to Mumm-Ra’s pyramid.

Grune frees Mumm-Ra from his coffin in spite of Panthro’s objections.  Mumm-Ra promises him all the power he craves if Grune can return the Sword of Omens to him.  Panthro sees Grune’s plans as treachery and the two friends fight.  Grune forces Panthro to fall into a deep chasm and believes him to be dead.

In the present, Panthro and Lion-O grapple over who’s in charge.  He ignores Panthro’s years of experience and acts alone, foolishly taking on the lizards at the entrance to the Thundrillium mine.  Lion-O is hopelessly outnumbered and Panthro has to intervene to save him from capture.  The group encounters Grune inside the mine and he is surprised to see his old friend Panthro still alive.

Using Driller one of Mumm-Ra’s evil machines as a distraction, Grune escapes while the ThunderCats fight it off.  Panthro is impressed with Lion-O’s bravery as he wields the Sword of Omens and defeats Driller.  But the battle has caused the mine to become unstable and starts to cave in.  The ThunderCats quickly escape but not before obtaining a small amount of Thundrillium.

This was another great episode of ThunderCats and is a little more action and less life lesson than the other episodes so far.  Now that the group is now complete, I am eager to see how future episodes progress.  ThunderCats is just a fun show to watch.  I have yet to be disappointed in any episode.  All the old elements that made the original series good are all present and have been improved upon.

4 out of 5