There has been a lot of speculation lately about some of the bad guys in the upcoming Avengers movie.  Besides Loki, there have been rumors that the ultimate superhero team-up movie will feature an alien threat.  Many fans have surmised that those aliens would be Skrull.  Photos from the set have shown Thor and Captain America fighting stuntmen in motion capture suits, which points to the characters being CGI.  Details from the set allude to some type of aliens, but nothing firm…that is until today.

Well now thanks to IMDB that secret may have been let out of the bag.  How I Met Your Mother co-star Cobie Smulders has been cast as SHIELD agent Maria Hill.  On the IMDB page for The Avengers, Smulders is listed as playing Maria Hill AND Anelle.  For those of you are are familiar with the Avengers list of known baddies (I had to look it up) Anelle is a Skrull princess and daughter to the Skrull king.

It’s quite possible that the Skrull have infiltrated SHIELD and the real Maria Hill is either dead or being held captive.  This certainly isn’t unheard of in the Marvel universe.  During the Civil War event, many heroes and SHIELD agents were kidnapped and replaced by Skrull operatives.  The heroes eventually escaped the Skrull homeworld and made their way back to Earth to expose their doppelgangers.

Although the slip up could be wrong and/or accidental, it would appear that Joss Whedon’s closely guarded alien secret is out now.  However this wouldn’t be the first time that IMDB has spoiled casting rumor and plot secrets.  We’ll all be vindicated next summer when The Avengers hits theaters.