The evil Mumm-Ra (Robert Atkin Downes) looks watches Lion-O (Will Friedle) as he struggles with the Sword of Omens to find a way to the Book of Omens.  He recalls the day when he commanded the armies of the ThunderCats and he seized the War Stone that would become the Eye of Thundera.

Just as Lion-O is about to lose hope, Cheetara (Emmanuelle Chriqui) tells him about when the Book of Omens was written and hidden away by the clerics in the Tower of Omens.  Snarf accidentally stumbles upon the entrance to some type of temple.  With the help of WilyKat (Eamon Pirruccello) and WilyKit (Madeleine Hall), they make it inside, but the temple is is protected by boobie traps.

General Slythe (Dee Bradley Baker) and the lizard army are hot on the ThunderCat’s trail.  They are forcing Jaga (Corey Burton), who’s soul is trapped in a lantern type device, into showing them the way to the Tower of Omens.  Mumm-Ra arrives and strikes out on his own to follow Lion-O and the others to the temple.

Using their own unique skills and abilities, the ThunderCats are able to traverse each trap and obstacle to find their way into the Tower of Omens.  But Mumm-Ra has found them and with no futher use for Jaga, tosses the lantern aside to his death.  Cheetra uses her super speed to catch the lantern before it shatters.  Panthro (Kevin Michael Richardson) holds Mumm-Ra off while Lion-O and Tygra (Matthew Mercer) go to find the Book of Omens.

Mumm-Ra easily defeats each of the ThunderCats and is about to destroy Lion-O when Jaga, still imprisoned in the lantern forces him away.  In his last act, Jaga reveals the Book of Omens to Lion-O and the others.  Believing that their quest is over, Lion-O discovers that the Book of Omens is blank on the inside.  Their journey is not yet finished.

This was a pretty satisfying episode.  The writers are keeping the story moving along well and revealing details at an agreeable pace.  Instead of dragging out key plot lines, we are given just enough to make each episode gratifying and are spared the maddening cliffhanger endings. 

The usual life lesson buried in each episode wasn’t hard to pick out, but was cleverly hidden.  The ThunderCats had to work together both as a team and as individuals to make it through each trap set in front of them.  Only by believing in themselves and each other were they able to overcome great challenges.  I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

4 out of 5