Secrets of the past are revealed.  The ThunderCats have found the Book of Omensand Lion-O must relive the past in order to understand his future.
Lion-O (Will Friedle) is accidently transported into the Book ofOmens.  Within the book, he is reunitedwith Jaga (Corey Burton) who tells him that his future is tied to the past.  He must relive the events that led them toThird Earth to understand how their struggle with Mumm-Ra (Robin Atkin Downes) began.  He also must succeed as his ThunderCatancestor did or the Book of Omens will be closed to him forever.
Lion-O goes back to a time when the cats served Mumm-Ra andthe other animals were slaves.  Lion-O isnow Leo, commander of the cat forces that Mumm-Ra uses as enforcers to keep theother animals enslaved and as soldiers in his army.
Mumm-Ra’s forces are closing in on the Warstone, a powerfulartifact that he intends to use to empower a weapon of unbelieveablepower.  The cats have other plans andwith the aid of the other animals are preparing to rebel against their evilmaster.  The plans depends on them gettingtheir hands on the Warstone before Mumm-Ra does.
Leo is able to get the Warstone and uses it to empower hisown weapon, the Sword of Omens.  Heconfronts Mumm-Ra on the bridge of his ship. But Leo quickly finds he is outmatched. The Warstone is only one of four powerful gems that Mumm-Ra has beensearching for.  With three of the stonesalready in his possession, he intends on stopping the uprising before it getsgoing.
Mumm-Ra and Leo fight for control of the stones; but Mumm-Raknows exactly what they are capable of and how to use them.  Leo’s luck holds and he is able to get one ofthe stone away from Mumm-Ra.  With theodds now even, the two fight a pitched battle, but Leo suddenly realizes how tocontrol the two stones and he quickly overpowers Mumm-Ra.
With all four stones now powering Leo’s weapons, victory isall but certain; but that victory may only be temporary.  Their battle has damaged the ship and it isnow plunging out of orbit to the planet’s surface.  It is then that Lion-O is back with Jaga whoexplains to him that once the ship crashed the three other stones were lostsomewhere on the planet.  He must nowfind them before Mumm-Ra does or else the Sword of Omens will be no match forhim.
This was the episode of ThunderCats I’ve been waiting for.  It was action packed which is something mostprevious episodes have lacked.  But italso gave us some great backstory of the history of the ThunderCats and howthey came to be on Third Earth.  Thisseries continues to surprise and exceed my expectations.  This episode is another find example of howthis series far exceeds the original.
For those of you who have not seen any of this series todate thinking it might not be as true to the first series, you really owe it toyourself to catch it now.  I’ve also beenquite pleased with the superb voice acting and amazing animation.  Since CGI animation is becoming the norm inmost animated series, it’s nice to see that traditional animation can still bedone well.
The Nerd gives this episode of ThunderCats5 out of 5.
One interesting thing to note from this episode, in onescene when Mumm-Ra is looking at one of the monitors we see a few views of thedifferent animal species that are enslaved on the ship.  One of them looks suspiciously like Mon*Starfrom SilverHawks.
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