DC and Warner Bros. have released the cast of its next animated feature film. Justice League: Doom is scheduled for early 2012 and will feature several popular former Justice League voice actors. Nathan Fillion will reprise his role of Green Lantern from Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, along with some other Justice League veterans Tim Daley (Superman), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Michael Rosenbaum (Flash), Carl Lumby (Martian Manhunter) and Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman). Bumper Robinson will round out the cast as Cyborg.

One area where DC excels over Marvel is the realm of animated movies. DC and Warner Bros. have consistently put out some of the best animated features under the supervision of executive producer Bruce Timm. The movie will be a loose adaptation of the popular story JLA: Tower Of Babel, written by Mark Waid. The script was written by the late comic writer Dwayne McDuffie and will be directed by Lauren Montgomery.

Batman, having to be one step ahead of even his own teammates, has contingency plans to defeat them in case any of them should go rogue. Those plans are stolen by a group of super villains and put into effect. In the original story, it was Ra’s Al Ghul who got his hands on Batman’s files. There is no word yet as to which villain or villains will appear.

With the voice talent Bruce Timm and his team have put together for this film, there is no doubt it will be an exciting event. This will be the third animated film featuring the Justice League and the thirteenth in the series. DC has already announced the upcoming lineup of movies after Justice League: Doom that will include Superman Versus The Elite and The Dark Knight Returns.
Look for the trailer for Justice League: Doom to premiere at New York Comic Con and to be included with Batman: Year One when it is released on Tuesday, Oct. 18.