This is the last week of DC Comic’s release of their New 52.  The last of the number ones were released today.  This has been a pretty exhilarating month for comic book fans and especially fans of DC.

Amid the issue sell outs and controversy surrounding some titles it seems that DC has accomplished exactly what they set out to do.  All of their newly released number ones have gone into second and even third printings.  That is pretty remarkable for any title to achieve.  But it remains to be seen if that success will carry over into next month’s releases.

In spite of the initial backlash received when they announced the rebooting of the entire line of comics, the comments have been mostly positive.  Reviews here on Comic Booked as well as on other websites have been praising the writers and artist for the outstanding work.

The superior reviews also came with a bit of controversy.  Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Red Hood & the Outlaws all received some criticism for featuring things such as blasphemy, nudity, sex and blatant sexism.  No matter where you might fall into the opinions on these events, there is one thing that it all has accomplished.  People are talking about DC Comics and comic books in general and speaking strictly for myself as a fan and critic, I am very pleased about it.

Now DC Comics wants your comments about the New 52.  They are working with Nielsen to conduct a survey of fans and readers.  I would encourage everyone who has picked up an issue of the New 52 this month to take the survey and let your opinions be counted.

If you’re not a fan of filling out market surveys or have never done one before, they can be a little long winded and are designed around demographics and algorithms that I don’t even begin to understand.  Plus there are certain restrictions to this survey; most notably you have to be in the United States.  So if you’re outside the US you’re out of luck.

Also take care not to fall for the little trick they planted in the survey to trip you up.  They included a fake book into the survey to make sure you’re paying attention and being honest in your responses.  If you see a book titled “Nerak”, make sure you make that you haven’t heard of it or else your survey will not be counted.

Make sure you answer carefully and truthfully.  Any shenanigans will be discounted and may encourage DC to not do any future market research.  That is something we don’t want to happen.  The more genuine feedback from readers they get, the better they can make things in the future.  Make this survey something they will want to read and listen to.  Show that you are a fan and support them and in retrospect yourself in this.

The survey, that you can find here, will be open through October 7, so you only have a short time to take it and make sure you let DC Comics know how you feel.