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The Lizard Concept Art

This concept art was released for Rhys Ifans’ Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. The movie scheduled for release on July 3, 2012 is an updated take on the character and will star Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field. Via

This movie appears to be a more serious take on the character than anything before. I just hope that they do not forget that Spider-Man is a wise cracking kid and it supposed to have some humor in it. I am about over the whole angst ridden Spidey bit. I have included the trailer as well.

Action Comics #1 Up For Auction

Fox News has a report about an Action Comics #1 that is set to go to auction today. The book is expected to break the previous sale record of 1.5 million dollars. This particular copy is currently the highest rated copy in the CGC census coming in at a 9.0. The book was originally lost 11 years ago when it was stolen from a collector and then was found last April when someone bought a storage unit and the comic was inside. Due to confidentiality issues the auction site cannot tell us who the owner was, but it is probably not a coincidence that Nicholas Cage had his Action Comics #1 stolen from him in 2000, it might be though. Either way this is a super awesome find, and if you happened to have recently won the lottery then buy this comic, and then adopt me!

Man Finds Rare Comic In Attic

In a similar story that appeared last week via LaGrangePatch, a man in Illinois was rummaging through his attic and found an Amazing Fantasy #15. The book featuring the first appearance of everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-man, is expected to sell for approximately $12,000. This is much less than the 1.2 million other copies have sold for, but hey this was laying around in a stack of comics in an attic for who knows how long, it is not going to be mint. It seems to be that I really need to go out and start rummaging through other people’s crap! 

Henry Cavil Talks About Being Superman

Also last week the LA Times’ Hero Complex released an interview with Henry Cavil the soon to me Man of Steel. The interview covered the actor’s view of the character and the weight of portraying such an icon. In an interesting comment we come to learn that Cavil also learned a lot from the Red Son storyline. He talks about how the opposing view of Kal-El helps him to find what the writers felt were the most important aspects to his personality. This seems to give me pause. I for one do not feel that Mark Millar was trying to give an opposing view, in as much as he was trying to show us that Superman’s ideals are both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. I always felt it seemed to highlight how important morality is to Superman and in turn how important his raising was in creating the hero he would become. Either way we shall see how this effects Cavill’s take on the character when the movie releases June 14, 2013. 

Muppets: A Movie for Adults?

In other movie news The Muppets domination last week was not enough to knock off sparkly vampires, but it did earn 42.3 million over the holiday weekend. If you have not yet seen Disney’s reboot, then you should as it is fantastic. Interestingly it graded much older than one might expect with only 35% of the audience under the age of 18. This does not surprise me as I think I enjoyed it more than my kids. I think I might have teared up at least 3 times during the movie. If there is a flaw it is only that Kermit did not sing Being Green. Everything else was perfect!

Anne McCaffery Passes

Lastly an obituary I am devastated to write. Last week all of geekdom lost a great in Anne McCaffery. The author of the long running and popular Dragons of Pern books died at age 85 from a stroke. Her books where among my first fantasy books and are probably an expansive shadowed only by the greats like Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time. I am particularly partial to Ms. McCaffery as she was nice enough to email back and forth with me when I was younger. My mother worked for her nephew and I was luckily enough to interact with her and she was amazing. To imagine a person as famous as she taking her time to email a little kid half a world away, is what fandom is all about. I am saddened by this news greatly and know that you will all share with me in missing such a wonderful writer and person.

By Jason Padua


It’s Wednesday!  That means a lot of different things to a lot of people.  To some it’s just Wednesday, humpday, the week is half over.  To others it’s New Comics Day.  The day we comic book lovers flock to our local comic stores and pick up the latest issues of our favorite books.

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Today is Tuesday and we here at Word of the Nerd love our readers.  We love you guys so much that today we’re going to give you a 2-fer on your daily comic wallpaper.

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Thanksgiving is over and you’re back at work.  Let Word of the Nerd take your mind off it all with this great comic wallpaper.

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It’s Sunday!  For many of us it’s back to work tomorrow.  You’ve had a few days off and you’re dreading returning to the daily grind.  Let Word of the Nerd help you get over the pain of going back to work with this great comic wallpaper.

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Ah, Saturday morning.  Everyone else is asleep and you’re alone on the internet, just you and your thoughts; and this cool new wallpaper.

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Superman faces tough criticism from the media and thegeneral public as another strange alien menace attacks Metropolis.  The Nerd reviews Superman #3.

Clark Kent visits the grave of his adoptive parents Jonathan& Martha Kent.  Meanwhile the mediais preparing a piece on him debating whether his presence in Metropolis iscausing more harm than good.  Lois Laneis angry at the anti-Superman bias of the piece and argues for a more balancedand fair slant.
Superman is not the only mystery to Lois and others at theDaily Planet.  Lois and Perry White talkabout the change in Clark Kent’s behavior lately.  Work is the furthest thing from Clark’s mindas he struggles to find any clues to the two recent alien attacks.  Why are the targeting him and why is thestrange language they are speaking sound so familiar.
As Clark rushes to meet his obligations to the Daily Planetanother alien appears.  This new alien ispowered by cold and ice and starts to freeze anything and anyone in itspath.  Superman immediately arrives onthe scene, but isn’t able to do much to stop this latest threat to Metropolis.
Will Superman be able to stop this new threat?  How will he react when he learns a closefriend is involved?  And what do thesealiens want with Superman and Clark Kent?
“Remember the first time we saw that strange shadow up inthe sky?  Silhouetted against the morningsun, it looked to many like some large swooping bird.  Others reported that it was a small plane, orairship or some other UFO.  But no, itwas a man.  A man in a red cape.  A superman…who seemed to drop from the skyout of nowhere.  No history.  No past.”
Never being a big Superman fan in the past, I have to admitnow that I have added this title to my pull like that I am liking this newSuperman.  He’s not quite the big blueboy scout we’ve seen for so many years. This new Superman isn’t quite sure of himself nor do I think he’s fullyaware of just how powerful he really is. In some ways he reminds me of Batman and that isn’t necessarily a badthing.  He’s cocky and a little arrogant,yet unlike Batman, he isn’t always certain of whether he’s doing the rightthing.
This new Superman series makes references back to the newAction Comics which I don’t regularly keep up with.  I like the idea of Action Comics and Supermanhappening at different points in time. This Superman is much different than the one portrayed in ActionComics.  I like what George Perez hasdone with Superman; enough that I added the title to my pull list.  I am completely caught up in this story arcand I am intrigued with what Perez has in store for the readers.
I’m also quite impressed with Nicola Scott’s artwork,particularly in this issue.  The way shedraws Clark and Lois are especially brilliant.  Nicola’s Superman reminds me ever so vaguely of Christopher Reeve when he first appeared as the Man of Steel in 1978.  Her backgrounds are wonderful and the choice of angles helps the storyflow more like a movie than a comic book.
Superman #3, was written by George Perez, with artwork byNicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

In this issue, a group of Autobots led by a dangerous andunstable Arcee approach Cybertron to try and stop Galvatron from using the Heartof Darkness.  Arcee reveals thatGalvatron is being tricked into using the Heart of Darkness to bring the DeadUniverse into ours.  The result would bethe destruction of not only Cybertron, but our entire universe.
On Cybertron, Megatron fights the immense being comprised ofall the Decepticons.  As the Autobotswatch in horror, Megatron is close to being defeated.  Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Rodimus are tryingto reach Galvatron before he is able to inject the Heart of Darkness into Vector Sigma located in the planet’s core.
The Matrix is guiding both Optimus and Rodimus to Galvatron;but Optimus is filled with doubt whether they will be able to stop Galvatron intime.  Optimus sends Ironhide back to thesurface with a gravely wounded Drift while he and Rodimus go on to findGalvatron.
A force of evil in the Dead Universe called the D-void cancontrol the minds of the Decepticons and it wants Megatron.  But as ever, Megatron will not be controlledby any creature.  He resists the D-voidand continues to fight to save Cybertron.
Optimus and Rodimus find Galvatron but they are toolate.  He has already injected the Heartof Darkness into Vector Sigma.  Cybertronis being used as a portal to bring the Dead Universe into this one.  All seems lost and existence as they know itis about to end.  Want to find out whathappens next?  Pick up a copy of Transformers #30 from your LCS today.
“All right creature. Come if you’re coming.  Musteryour parts…my own soldiers…for the final sortie.  I can feel you in my head, trying to mastermy will.  To join with you.  But I will not yield.  I will not be conquered.  I will not be defied.  I…am…Megatron!”
As the Chaos event is coming to a close I will admit that Iam somewhat confused.  The addition ofother characters suddenly is making this story a bit convoluted.  That along with my dislike for the washed outartwork continues to make this event a little hard for me to follow.  I often find it difficult to make out whichcharacter is which and I find I have to go back and re-read the book twicesometimes three times to fully understand what is going on.
I hate to give any book a negative review and I am sad thatI am losing my interest in this Transformersseries because it has become difficult to follow.  I keep wanting to come back because I am soinvested now in this event that I have to know what happens and how it willlead into the next event The Death of Optimus Prime.  Once the Transformersseries splits into two separate titles, I don’t know how much longer I willcontinue to follow it.  I am hoping thatan injection of new talent into the series will help renew my interest.  So far I am sorry to say that LivioRamondelli’s artwork is ruining this book for me.
Transformers #30is written by Mike Costa and James Roberts with artwork by Livio Ramondelli.

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Now that the turkey has been eaten and you’ve been up at the crack of dawn to catch all the Black Friday sales, you can now relax and enjoy this latest wallpaper.

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This is dedication folks, I am working on Thanksgiving.  As the turkey slowly bakes away in the ovenand the smell travels throughout the house, I am sitting here reading thisweek’s new releases for you.  The firstbook in my list was Batman: The DarkKnight #3 and I have to say that so far it is the best issue of the seriesto date and probably the best book I’ve read out of this week’s releases.
This month’s issue is full of surprises and guest stars asBatman tracks down the source of the toxin being used to give his mostdangerous adversaries super strength. But every lead he tracks down only reveals more questions.  And who is this mysterious White Rabbit andhow is she involved in all of this.
Caught on a subway train with no immediate avenue forescape, Batman takes on Joker who has been bulked up to superhuman proportions.  While White Rabbit looks on, Joker and Batmanbattle; but Batman knows the course of the toxin and Joker only has limitedtime to take him out before the toxin wears off.  Closer examination of Joker’s moves mannerismsreveal that he’s not the real Joker. Clayface has tipped his hand and revealed his secret.  Not long after, the toxin has run its courseand Clayface collapses.
Exhausted from the fight and somewhat trapped beneath theunconscious Clayface, Batman is at White Rabbit’s mercy.  But before she can inject him with something,Batman’s distress call is answered, by The Flash.  White Rabbit quickly runs off as Flashrushes in to Batman’s rescue.
GCPD Lieutenant Forbes has it out for Batman and is vowingto bring him and anyone helping him in; convinced that Batman has compromisedhis investigation.  As usual, The DarkKnight is way ahead of Forbes and turns Clayface over to him.  The gift of a suspect also comes with a warning.  Batman warns Forbes to stay out of his wayand not compromise his work.
Further analysis of the toxin points Batman in an unexpecteddirection, Poison Ivy.  Even though she has been working with the Birds of Prey, Batman doesn’t fully truth them.  He decides to confront Ivy on her turf andbrings Flash along as backup.  Want to knowwhat happens next?  Head down to your LCSand pick up Batman: The Dark Knight #3.
“If you mess with me, I’ll find you and you’ll never see mecoming.  If you compromise my work, I’llknock your down so quickly you’ll think you traveled backwards in time.  If you try to hurt my people…if you so muchas hand them a parking tickets…I’ll be the first shadow you forget to check.”
This new Dark Knight series so far is so much better thanthe pre-reboot series.  This first storyarc has been full of surprises and has left me guessing about what will happennext.  This book hasn’t been nearly aspredictable as most other books.  For meat least it has been a pleasant surprise out of all the other new books.  Paul Jenkins has put together a fantasticopening act while introducing a great new villain in White Rabbit.  I know I am eager to learn more about her andwho or what is behind this super-steroid toxin.
Batman: The DarkKnight #3 was written by Paul Jenkins, penciled by David Finch and inked byRichard Friend.
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