A very interesting dynamic between Batgirl and Nightwing isrevealed this month.  After she isunsuccessful in stopping Mirror from killing his latest victim, Barbara Gordononce again begins to wonder whether she came back before she was ready.
Her problems don’t stop with her self-doubt however; GothamCity Police detective Melody McKenna wants Batgirl to pay for failing to stopMirror from killing her partner.  Whileon administrative leave, she takes the opportunity to do some looking intoBatgirl in hopes of finding a way to bring her in.
While breaking her motorcycle out of the police impoundyard, Batgirl is paid an unexpected visit from Nightwing.  The two heroes joust verbally for a while beforethey begin a less than playful game of tag across the rooftops of Gotham.  Barbara resents Dick getting involved in heraffairs and takes it as him and Batman not trusting her judgment.  It seems that now she’s finally out of thewheelchair, everyone close to her prefers her to stay in it.
Once Nightwing catches up, Batgirl shares her feelings abouthim keeping tabs on her.  She may havecome back too soon, but she’s back nonetheless and has to take down Mirror byherself.  She has to prove to herselfthat she’s no longer the woman in the wheelchair.  Nightwing explains that he and Batman aren’tworried because they doubt her, but because they love her.  With that she realizes that she’s lashing outat the people who care for her the most and that it’s unwarranted.
She asks Dick as a friend to let her go after Mirroralone.  Reluctantly Dick agrees and therecan be no doubt then that they still harbor feelings for each other.  Dick leaves her to find Mirror and herself-confidence by herself.
“I didn’t like him when I first met him, a few yearsago.  Not really.  Hard to believe that now.  That face. Right there.  That one.  That’s the expression that melted me everytime, back when we were kids working with Batman.  When the bravado drops, when the rich boy façadedims.”
We’re treated again to another knockout issue of Batgirlthis month.  Although it wasn’t as actionoriented as the last two issues, this one gives us some personal details and insightinto Barbara Gordon that I have been dying to know.  I was pleasantly surprised that theflirtatious dynamic between her and Dick Grayson is still intact and I lovedthe little fight they have where Barbara gets the best of him.
Gail Simone writes Batgirl as if she was born to do so, thatcoupled with the great artwork of Ardian Syaf and Vincente Cifunetes make this series one thatI have been looking forward to each month. I especially liked the graffiti on the Gotham metro train, “for a goodtime call the Red Hood”.
Next month’s issue teases a “Final Showdown” apparentlybetween Batgirl and Mirror.  Now that shehas insight into his motives can Batgirl stop him before becoming his nextvictim and can she do it without the help of Batman or Nightwing?