At the furthest edge of the universe, the Red Lantern Corpsare on a mission to hunt down and kill every Green Lantern they encounter.
The premiere of GreenLantern: The Animated Series was everything I hoped and expected it tobe.  Not only weren’t we bogged down byan overdone and pointless back story, the story we did get was exciting andaction packed.  This was the GreenLantern I was hoping the live action movie was going to be.
At the edge of the universe known as Frontier Space, theGreen Lanterns chosen to protect these far off sectors have received little tono training that their other Lantern brothers take for granted.  They are virtually on their own, with theclosest help nearly eighteen months away. When four Lanterns are killed by a mysterious new enemy, it quicklycomes to the attention of the Guardians of the Universe that something is wrong.
While on Oa facing disciplinary actions, Green Lantern ofsector 2814, Hal Jordan is made aware of the newest threat to the Corps.  Hal is determined to find out who isresponsible for the murder of his fellow Lanterns.  The Guardians forbid him from investigatingthe situation and that they need further information before acting on it.  In true Guardian fashion, they deny theexistence of the possible “Lantern killers”.
But one Guardian, a more open minded and free thinkingGanthet discreetly shows Hal and fellow Green Lantern, Kilowog a new ship capable of making thejourney to Frontier Space in a fraction of the time it would normallytake.  This new interceptor is powered bya Green Lantern power battery and come equipped with an A.I. intelligencenavigation system.
Never one to pass up a good opportunity, Hal decides toborrow (steal) the prototype ship and take it to Frontier Space to hunt downthe Lantern killers.  However Kilowogknows Hal far too well and is waiting for him in the hangar with the intentionof going along, for nothing else but to make sure Hal doesn’t get himselfkilled.
The journey to Frontier Space doesn’t go as smoothly as Halhoped it would.  Their hasty departurefrom Oa caused their warp field to become unstable and they have to make quickadjustments before the ship is torn apart. Upon arriving, they are immediately alerted to a Lantern under attack,Hal and Kilowog rush to the rescue and are viciously attacked by the two“Lantern Killers”.  It takes all theirskill and tricks to fight off the incredibly violent attackers and rescue theirfellow Lantern.
And thus a struggle begins that will determine the fate ofan entire planet as well as the Green Lantern Corps itself.  Hal and Kilowog discover the identities oftheir attackers and the danger is worse than they feared.  Trapped in Frontier Space with any hopes ofreinforcements over a year away, it is up to Hal Jordan and Kilowog to makecertain this evil never makes it to Oa.
This premiere episode of GreenLantern: The Animated Series gives us another brief glimpse into Cartoon Network’s new block of programmed called DC Nation.  This is the first of several new seriescoming from the DC universe.  Even thoughI have gone on record with my dislike for the CG animation style that is theall the rage recently, I will admit that I liked this episode in spite of thedistaste for the animation.
It was a relief to see that this series didn’t disappointthe way the big screen version did.  Iimagine you have to know your core audience and adding Green Lantern to the block of other DC shows was certainly the bestidea.  In addition, this proves that GreenLantern isn’t some obscure character that no one cares about; he has a loyalfollowing.
I truly enjoyed how Hal Jordan was portrayed but was alittle disappointed in Kilowog.  I wishhe would have been played more like Michael Madsen did in Green Lantern: FirstFlight.  The biggest surprise was theGuardians.  They were as arrogant andcerebral as you’d come to expect; and I loved how Ganthet stood out as the“rogue” element on the Guardian council.
I was sad to find out that Green Lantern wasn’t in next week’s lineup of programming onCartoon Network but I am eagerly awaiting more episodes of the series.  One quick note to Cartoon Network, it mightbring in more viewers if you lined up encore airings of this episode.