In this issue, a group of Autobots led by a dangerous andunstable Arcee approach Cybertron to try and stop Galvatron from using the Heartof Darkness.  Arcee reveals thatGalvatron is being tricked into using the Heart of Darkness to bring the DeadUniverse into ours.  The result would bethe destruction of not only Cybertron, but our entire universe.
On Cybertron, Megatron fights the immense being comprised ofall the Decepticons.  As the Autobotswatch in horror, Megatron is close to being defeated.  Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Rodimus are tryingto reach Galvatron before he is able to inject the Heart of Darkness into Vector Sigma located in the planet’s core.
The Matrix is guiding both Optimus and Rodimus to Galvatron;but Optimus is filled with doubt whether they will be able to stop Galvatron intime.  Optimus sends Ironhide back to thesurface with a gravely wounded Drift while he and Rodimus go on to findGalvatron.
A force of evil in the Dead Universe called the D-void cancontrol the minds of the Decepticons and it wants Megatron.  But as ever, Megatron will not be controlledby any creature.  He resists the D-voidand continues to fight to save Cybertron.
Optimus and Rodimus find Galvatron but they are toolate.  He has already injected the Heartof Darkness into Vector Sigma.  Cybertronis being used as a portal to bring the Dead Universe into this one.  All seems lost and existence as they know itis about to end.  Want to find out whathappens next?  Pick up a copy of Transformers #30 from your LCS today.
“All right creature. Come if you’re coming.  Musteryour parts…my own soldiers…for the final sortie.  I can feel you in my head, trying to mastermy will.  To join with you.  But I will not yield.  I will not be conquered.  I will not be defied.  I…am…Megatron!”
As the Chaos event is coming to a close I will admit that Iam somewhat confused.  The addition ofother characters suddenly is making this story a bit convoluted.  That along with my dislike for the washed outartwork continues to make this event a little hard for me to follow.  I often find it difficult to make out whichcharacter is which and I find I have to go back and re-read the book twicesometimes three times to fully understand what is going on.
I hate to give any book a negative review and I am sad thatI am losing my interest in this Transformersseries because it has become difficult to follow.  I keep wanting to come back because I am soinvested now in this event that I have to know what happens and how it willlead into the next event The Death of Optimus Prime.  Once the Transformersseries splits into two separate titles, I don’t know how much longer I willcontinue to follow it.  I am hoping thatan injection of new talent into the series will help renew my interest.  So far I am sorry to say that LivioRamondelli’s artwork is ruining this book for me.
Transformers #30is written by Mike Costa and James Roberts with artwork by Livio Ramondelli.

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