Flash Gordon, the timeless sci-fi action hero returns tocomics in a fantastic new story from Dynamite Comics!
I must say that I was rather intrigued when I heard aboutthis new Flash Gordon book.  I am a fanof the 1980 movie Flash Gordon starting Sam Jones & Max Von Sydow and Ieven remember watching a pretty cool animated series in the early 80s and was mesmerizedby it.
This new book is a spin on the story from the movie.  The first few lines are even taken directlyfrom the film.  But shortly after, thewhole story takes a fairly expected and admittedly fun turn.
Ming the Merciless, ruler of Mongo and the known universeplans the conquest of Earth.  He sendsemissaries to choose a proxy to govern the planet in his name.  Ming unleashes a barrage of natural disastersand strange phenomena to weaken and terrify the people of Earth before hisinvasion begins.
Meanwhile Flash Gordon and Dale Arden, narrowly escape fromthe plane carrying them to a secret location before it crashes.  The two miraculously parachuting to the exactpoint they need to find.  Flash has beensent by the President of the United States to find Dr. Hans Zarkov.  The US Government believes that Dr. Zarkovmay be able to explain what is happening around the globe.
Instead of welcoming Flash and Dale, Zarkov hold them atgunpoint and forces them into a rocket ship he has constructed to travel to theorigin of the cosmic forces wrecking havoc on the Earth.  Flash tries to stop the paranoiac Dr. Zarkovand the two struggle as the rocket soars skyward to the unknown.
The story is all too familiar, but in spite of that this wasjust a fun book to read.  It brings backmemories of my younger days.  Even with afairly predictable story thus far, there is enough of a twist to make itsomewhat unique and worthy of attention. I shouldn’t have to even mention that comic legend Alex Ross is involvedwith the artwork as well as the story.  As an added bonus and incentive, the book is only one dollar, that certainly brings back memories.
This kind of book is what made comic books great in thefirst place.  It’s almost like you’rereading a piece of history when you flip through the pages of this book.  Flash Gordon has been around for a long timeand has been re-introduced to new generations of fans more than once.  I am glad that the old classics can still be relevantin this day and age.  This is definitelya title I will be adding to my regular pull list.
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #1 was written by Eric Trautmann& Alex Ross with artwork by Daniel Indro & Slamet Mujiono.  Additional cover artwork by Alex Ross, PaulRenaud, Francesco Francavilla and Wagner Reis.
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Francesco Francavilla retro cover