After two decades since its run ended, IDW is continuing the original Marvel Comics Transformers series starting in July.  The series will receive a special issue on Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2012 that will be a precursor to the series return.  IDW’s Transformers fans truly have something great to look forward to.

From IDW

After a twenty-year wait, IDW Publishing today proudly announcedthe return of the original Generation One TRANSFORMERS comics,beginning with the free TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE#80.5, available on Free Comic Book Day, May 5, 2012 as aGold Sponsorship comic. Fan-favorite writer Simon Furman and legendary TRANSFOMERS artist Andrew Wildman pick up right where 1991’s TRANSFORMERS #80 leftoff, and lead into this all-new month series, kicking off in Julywith TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE #81.

Starting with the free TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE#80.5, OPTIMUS PRIME, GRIMLOCK, KUP, HOT ROD and all thefavorite Generation One TRANSFORMERS characters charge into thefuture. Reflecting back on the dizzying highs and the terrifyinglows of the original run of Transformers comics, OPTIMUS PRIMEwatches over a CYBERTRON that hasn’t faced MEGATRON for decades.But that peace shudders to an end and dives headlong into July’sTRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE #81.

Artist Stephen Baskerville-the original inker onthose classic issues­- joins Wildman oninteriors as inker, as Wildman also provideseye-catching covers. “The fans asked for this comic, and welistened,” said IDW’s TRANSFORMERS editor, JohnBarber. “TRANSFORMERS fans are some of the most loyal inthe world, and they’ve been very patient. Now that patience willpay off. And for new readers, the Free Comic Book Day TRANSFORMERS:REGENERATION ONE #80.5 will get you up to speed on the classicTRANSFORMERS universe!”