Accurate details about the new Star Trek movie have been fewand far between.  There have been rumorsabound about what villain will be in the movie and who will play that villainand so on.  Early rumors were that themain bad guys would be Klingons.  Otherrumors and fan speculations were that J.J. Abrams was looking to bring Khan Noonien Singh into his new Trek universe.
For those of you who don’t know, Khan was the bad guy in theclassic Trek episode Space Seed and again in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan(duh); both times portrayed by the late Ricardo Montalban.  Although having a well established and highlypopular villain in the new film, I have certain reservations about rehashingthe same old story again.
I enjoyed Abrams’ Trek reboot, I really did.  But as a lifelong Trekkie, I have my issueswith it, as many fans do.  It somehowlacked the magic that the original cast was so good at bringing to life.  I will admit that it was a fresh and uniquetake on Star Trek and I am very eager to see more.  My biggest issue with using Khan in the nextfilm is that it has already been done, twice, why go back to it again?
As a Trekkie I was excited as all hell to hear that Khanwould be in the new film.  But thatexcitement soon wore off as I realized that we’re in for a possible remake ofWrath of Khan or a bastard hybrid of Space Seed and Wrath of Khan.  That’s neither fresh nor original in myopinion.  I want an original story, withnew ideas and new characters to take Trek in a direction we haven’t been onbefore.  If Abrams’ plan all along was togo back and do the same old stuff over again, why go through all the trouble ofcasting new actors?  You might as wellprop up Shatner and Nimoy and have them go through it all again.
If you’re looking for rebooted JJ-verse Trek stories, thencheck out IDW’s Star Trek: Ongoing comic series.  They are retelling classic Trek stories inthe new universe.  And although I amranting about that very thing, it is much more enjoyable to read about it in a$3.99 comic book than shelling out $10 to see it on the big screen.  Don’t make the fans sorry for liking yourfirst Trek film JJ.
Do something fresh, something original.  Quit remaking and rebooting everythingbecause you didn’t like how it went the first time.  Khan is an iconic and wildly popularcharacter in the Trek universe.  To makethe second film with Khan to me is pandering to the audience and a bit cliché.  Do something else in this film and later ondown the road I would be more than happy to see Khan appear in anotherfilm.  Let’s get to know this new castbefore we start throwing them into all too familiar situations.
The saddest and more surprising news about all this is thatBenicio Del Toro was confirmed to be cast as Khan by the Latino Review lastweek.  We’re hearing today from Vulturethat the confirmation was premature and that negotiations have broken down andDel Toro is out.  That is veryunfortunate because he was the perfect choice for the role.  I guess we should count our eggs just yetbecause nothing really has been confirmed or denied by J.J. Abrams or Paramount.
To me, having Khan in this film is a mistake.  I may change my mind a few months down theroad, but for right now I think it is a bad idea.  I know the majority of fans are screaming forKhan to be in this one, but I think it is just too soon.  With an alternate timeline in place and theentire Trek universe in a state of flux, you could literally go in anydirection.  Pick the one less traveled.
By The Nerd