Yesterday was quite a day for surprises in the comic book world.  After recently being named director of Thor 2, Patty Jenkins suddenly announced she was off the project.  Claiming “creative differences” with the studio this makes me worry about the future of the sequel.

It was big news when Jenkins was given the director job on the film.  The big pecs superhero flick arena was lacking in female leadership and it makes this reporter wonder whether it was Marvel Comics execs that clashed with her creative ideas for the film and prompted her departure.

It would certainly seem likely since rumors surfaced from the set of Iron Man 2 that director Jon Favreau was being pressured by studio execs to change certain aspects of the film.  This may have weighed on Favreau’s decision not to return for Iron Man 3.  Actor Mickey Rourke (Whiplash) recently opened up about how studio execs tied his and Favreau’s hands and forced them to make changes and cuts that ultimately hurt the film.

So what’s next for Thor 2?  The announcement that Jenkins departure also prompted the search for a replacement director.  Production on the film is scheduled to start soon and Marvel had already announced the release date of November 15, 2013.  That in itself was an odd choice that they would be Thor 2 a holiday release instead of a summer one.  The next logical candidate for the director’s spot would be Thor director Kenneth Branagh, but there is no word on whether he would even be available or willing to helm the sequel.

With Marvel’s recent cancellation of comic titles and subsequent layoffs, this does not put the comic giant in a good light.  Their movie track record is rocky to say the least with sudden schedule changes, actors being replaced abruptly and decent sowing from the sets.  Marvel is great at first outings, but their track record on sequels are questionable.  It will be interesting to see how a sequel to The Avengers fairs and if Joss Whedon will suffer the same issues his predecessors have.