Action Comics #4
Penciller: Rags Morales
I love Steel. He is just an awesome character that, for me, has always been a  truly great addition to the Superman mythos. So with his official arrival to the DCnU in Action Comics #4, I was as giddy as a Beiber fan on Youtube. John Henry Irons actually made his first appearance a couple of issues ago when he called Lex Luthor out on his torture of Superman. Shortly thereafter, John Corben was transformed into Metallo, and within an eyes blink became the ‘Voice” of Brainiac. And then comes my man Steel to save the day. Knowing he built the machine that Metallo has now become, Irons decides to become a hero himself and defeat his creation. The best part of this is that the fight itself is used as a back up to this issue. Morrison just shines as he writes the story from Irons point of view. He really gives great insight into who Steel is and why he wants to be a hero. As much as I was skeptical of Morrison’s portrayal of Superman in issue one, I am just loving everything since, especially here..
Brainiac is still tormenting Earth and we finally get a glimpse of him in this issue. In this issue he manages to take over the world’s technology, including Metallo, and complete his collection of Earth. Of course he selects Metropolis to become his next Kandor, the resolution of which we will have to wait for. The bad news is we will be waiting for a few issues. Action Comics will start a mini arc for issues 5 and 6, returning to the current problem with issue 7. 
Like I said before I was a little skeptical of Morrison’s portrayal of Superman in issue one. He just felt a little too petulant teenager for me.  However, everything since has put a smile on my face. I love the quick introductions of both Corben and of course my friend Steel. Not to mention the clever other bits and pieces he throws out there. Like Irons’ love for Richard Feynman and Lex’s possible deal with Brainiac. I have never felt that Superman comics were ever really reliant on great dialogue, and you won’t find a lot here either. Let’s face it Superman is a little stiff and cliche so his books tend to be as well. Where Superman books do excel is in exposition and story, and that is really what Morrison has mastered here. 
The art by Rags Morales is a mixed bag for me. I like it in the sense that if I look at just a single page or panel it is a very cool stylized look. The problem comes when you are reading through panel after panel, and it is almost like his drawings are elastic. Like the actual physical dimensions of the characters are shifting and changing. It again is just hard to explain but what it does is make the action sequences less appealing. They almost tend to take away from the book and that is a shame, because again I am really enjoying this one. I will reiterate I like Morales’ style in a single frame, but trying to go page to page causes it to fall apart. 
Overall I really am enjoying this Action Comics and suggest you read it. Plus at the rate Morrison is going, if you blink an eye you might miss something or someone!