Avenging Spider-Man #2
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Joe Madureira

Two issues into Marvel’s Spider-Man team up  extravaganza and what I can tell you is this: Nothing here is going to change your life, but you should read it anyways. The first arc sees our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man teaming up with Red Hulk to save J. Jonah Jameson, from being taken by the Moloids.  Parker and Ross discover that the Moloids view JJ as some sort of overworld king, and are needing him to save them from their larger Molan cousins. Of course, there is more to it than that, but let me get to the point, Wells’ story is just OK. It is a little over the top; which admittedly fits the feel of the book, but does not really do more than excite the 10 year old version of yourself. His dialogue is a high point, excelling most when he is writing Spidey’s bantering with Rulk and Jameson.  I do not think the plot is bad per se, but the story just feels superficial. I think as a fan I want to see these team ups highlight the relationships Spidey has with these other heroes , and Wells certainly seems to be headed that way, but the downside to that is the story becomes a means to an end. I will give Wells props on one part in particular though. There is a moment in the book where there is a question as to what the soldier would do versus the hero. His writing of Spidey and Rulk’s conversation, though very short, is spot on and just a high point of the book.

The art in this book is absolutely amazing. I think I could pull out a thesaurus and just pick every positive adjective in there and it would apply. The colors by Ferran Daniel are bright, Joe Madureira’s inks are clean, and it is just one of those books you love to look at. I particularly love Maduireira’s work on Red Hulk. Thunderbolt’s Hulk is not the same as Banner’s. Hulk and Banner are two different beings occupying the same space. Red Hulk is Gereral Ross, they are the same person, so I like how well Madureira conveys Ross through Rulk. I am not keen on the fact that Marvel sticks to 3.99 a book, but the art in this book makes it worthy of the price and the writing is just a bonus.

So is this the greatest book in the world, no. Are you going to be talking about it for years to come, probably not. But if you want to pick up a book that you can enjoy with your kids and the kid inside you to, then it more than fits the bill.