Static Shock #4
Writers: Scott McDaniel and John Rozum
Artists: Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

Let me start by saying that I have always liked the character of Static Shock. Virgil Hawkins is a geek who tries so desperately to be cool, and succeeds maybe half the time at best. Dwayne McDuffie meant for Static to be a geeky kid, who unlike so many others, finds it ridiculously cool that he is a super hero. And while Static has not always been a staple of DC, any time he pops up he adds that same sense of humor and fun that you always got from Spider-Man books. Unfortunately, Scott McDaniel and John Rozum’s new series has not been the best so far. The first three books, had so many problems. First of which was the nonchalant manner it glossed over things. For instance the fact that Static lives in New York and is being funded by Hardware is really not explored at all. Even more offending is the almost confusing and misguided way they have introduced the problem with Virgil’s sister, now being duplicated and no one knowing which one is the real Sharon. And to top it all off, Virgil is supposed to appeal to a younger audience, and yet the science talk through the first few books comes off as just convoluted and boring.

So why do I keep getting the book? Well there are always a couple of books that seem to trap me into buying them. Not because the stories are particularly great, but because I just want the character to succeed. Static has always been this way for me. I just like the idea of him so much that I am willing to muddle through often substandard story lines.

The second reason I stick with them, is because you never know when things are going to start looking up. Issue 4 looks to be that for Static Shock. You just get the feeling that maybe McDaniel and Rozum are starting to figure it out a little bit. Virgil’s humor level increases and they finally start to really deal with the two Sharon’s issue. It really is a very important subplot and I am glad to see it get some much needed attention. Also we finally get to learn more about the Pale Man who is sort of an awesome character in his own right. The idea of a cop exposed to Joker gas and using that to go undercover and be a sort of hero, but not. And on top of all that the return of Dr. Nemo will certainly excite long time fans.

The last reason is because I enjoy the art work. I really enjoy Static’s look and the fact that he has always had a really cool costume. McDaniel and Owens are working to take that cool factor and permeate the entire book and it is really fun. Even the Pale Man is like a cooler version of the Joker. Don’t get me wrong this is not ground breaking or anything, but Static is not meant to be. It really is just a comic book about the concept of “cool” from a geek’s perspective. Maybe that is why I come back.

So as bad as the first three issues have been I will stick with it. If you are not reading Static, I would say give it a shot, but skip the first three issues as your don’t really need them. Like I said I hope that the book succeeds. I just hope that the stories can grow to match my enthusiasm for the character.