Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a totalt-shirt whore.  I probably buy two orthree new t-shirts a week.  It causesquite the ruckus with the wife, but I am addicted, it’s a sickness, like hoarding.  So when I heard I can get a t-shirt by theman himself Jim Lee, well I was all giddy with excitement.  Not only am I a big Jim Lee fan, am I also a bigJustice League fan.  This is just thebest of both worlds.  
Check out the press release via The Source along with JimLee’s awesomely geektastic design below.

Back in October, Diamond announced that 2012’s Free Comic Book Day t-shirtwould feature a custom design by legendary artist Jim Lee. Recognizing thatFCBD was – at the time – still a full seven months off, it was a tantalizingtease for those of us anxiously awaiting a glimpse at Lee’s design.

But while we still have to wait until May to pick up our shirts (and ourfree comic books!), we’ve got a special holiday surprise today: a first look atJim’s art. It’s an homage to a classic piece by José Luis García-López,re-imagined with Jim’s redesign of the JUSTICE LEAGUE for DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.

The shirt will be solicited in January 2012′s Diamond PREVIEWS catalog, withproceeds going to support FCBD marketing and promotional efforts.

Isuspect this item will sell out fast come January, so you might want to getyour order in as soon as it comes available in January.  Be sure to check with your LCS about orderingthis one of a kind Free Comic Book Day exclusive goodie.

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 By The Nerd