We all havethem – those movies that we love, yet no one else seems to have seen.  Whether it be that you have gotten older,friends your own age have scattered and the people you work with are either preor post your generation, or that your friends just “aren’t into that kind ofthing” (a phrase all geeks hear from their main-stream-only friends all toooften), some movies are impossible to geek out about because there’s no onearound who has seen them! Since part of our goal over at Good Girls Gone Geekis to spread our geekery as far and wide as possible, we decided to take TheNerd up on his offer to guest on his site with a post designed to get some ofour favorite “too-little-seen” movies some love from his readers.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and some ofyou will have seen them too!  If youhave, it may be fate, you know.  Bex is amarried woman, but Proffitt would at least get coffee with a man who has seenall the ones on her list. 

(Note: full background check may or may not berequired).
G4’s Six “Why Haven’t You Seen This??” Movies
Proffitt’s Three:

The Hidden – 1987, staring Michael Nori and Kyle MacLachlan; Equal parts horror,sci-fi and suspense, The Hidden is based on a classic premise a la The Invasionof the Body Snatchers and The Thing – a malevolent entity is taking over thebodies of innocents, then committing decidedly non-innocent acts of violence.Where this movie excels is in the twists it brings to table.  MacLachlin and Nori give solid performances,avoiding a cliched “buddy cop” feel, yet clearly becoming friends as the filmprogresses.  There is real heart to thismovie as well as a genuinely creepy villain and excellent pacing on the part ofdirector, Jack Sholder, who redeemed himself quite a bit with this film afterthe debacle that was A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.   Almost no one I know has seen this movie(Bex has, though. We’re both big Kyle McLachlan fans) and it’s a crying shame.

Frequency– 2000, staring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. Directed by Gregory Hoblit, whohad achieved a fair amount of critical acclaim for Primal Fear in 1994,Frequency is the story of John Sullivan, a man who discovers he can speak tothe past using a CB radio. Specifically, he can speak to his father, Frank, asFrank existed 30 years before.  In aneffort to make his father’s life better (and longer), John creates unforeseenconsequences as the past changes due to information he passes on to Frank.Again, this is a movie that works because the premise is exciting and thecharacters rise above clichés and the dangers of a saccharine tone.   This movie was not a huge hit when it cameout, but it does receive decent ratings on various websites, so maybe I’m wrongin thinking no one has seen it.  Perhapsit found its audience on DVD.

Shallow Grave – 1994, Christopher Eccleston, Ewan McGregor and Kerry Fox.  I have such fond memories of this movie.  Not because it is a “feel good” story – trustme, it is not – but because I first saw it in Ireland as I was studying abroadin 1994.  My friends and I went back formultiple viewings, largely because it was such a different kind of movie fromwhat we have seen before.  Set inScotland and directed by Danny Boyle of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionairefame, Shallow Grave has the same frenetic energy that make his other films socaptivating.  The premise is thus: threeflatmates take in a fourth only to find him dead of a heroine overdose, layingon top of a bed under which they find a suitcase full of money.  Deciding to keep this money leads to allsorts of consequences…very, very dark consequences.   While there are some predictable elements inthis movie, you will find that most of it you never see coming.  The characters walk the line of being almostentirely unlikable, yet still charming and sympathetic…for the mostpart.  You don’t necessarily like them,but you get the feeling it would be fun to be part of their group, if youcould.  Somehow, this adds to thesatisfaction you feel when it’s all over. Or, at least it did for me.  Ofall the movies on my list, this is the one I recommend the most.  It’s really, really well done. (Bex chimingin here –  I adored this film as wellafter making my roommates watch it with me. I think I made them a bit nervous after because they didn’t quite getit.  It was also nice because Rachel andI got to fall in love with Ewan McGregor before the rest of the America).

Bex’s Three

Jennifer’s Body – Written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama and starring AmandaSeyfried and Megan Fox.  I think I wasoriginally with most of my friends and avoided this 2009 film because of MeganFox.  But on one of those late nightswhen the expected quality of entertainment goes downhill and I will anything, Isaw this movie and loved it.  Cody is atit again with her “no one really talks like that but life might be funnier ifwe did” dialogue, but like in Juno, I think it works in the world she created.Two total opposite besties since the sandbox- nerdy “Needy” and sluttycheerleader Jennifer-go to see indie band Low Shoulder play the localdive.  Unbeknownst to Needy and Jennifer,Low Shoulder made a deal with dark forces to sacrifice a virgin in exchange forsuccess.  Low Shoulder, led by The O.C.’sAdam Brody, are misled by Needy about Jennifer’s innocence and sacrifice thegirl who is very much the opposite of a virgin. A demonic force takes control of Jennifer’s body and the horny highschool boys start dropping like flies as Low Shoulder’s song rises in thecharts.  Needy eventually makes sense ofwhat’s going on and what she needs to do to stop it at the risk of losingeverything.   Unfortunately this movieonly seems to be known for its Amanda/Megan saliva trail kiss but it is a briefscene and there’s a lot more entertaining moments than that.  Especially if you watch through the endcredits.  Special shout out to the alwaysawesome Amy Sedaris who plays Needy’s mom. 

Teeth -A 2007 horror comedy written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein.  Beginning with young Dawn and her soon to bestep brother playing a game of you show me yours, I’ll show you mine- we areled to believe something might be a little off about Dawn.  Cut to Dawn starting to come of age as amember of a group of teens pledging abstinence. A hostile sexual attack on her during an innocent outing leads Dawn torealize she has what is supposedly a mythical condition -vagina dentate.   A visit to the dentist, a few incidents withboys, a psychotic stepbrother- male viewers will be subconsciously shieldingtheir man parts as women are cheering at the screen.  Will Dawn learn to control her condition andif she does, what then? An entertaining flick you can pick apart and interpretmessages about male/female relationships and violence toward women or you canjust enjoy the story enfold while simultaneously laughing and cringing.  Special note- the does he ever not play acreepy guy John Hensley plays the stepbrother.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space – A 1988 comedy horror film by the Chiodo brothers. Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D is coming in 2012 so catch the original now. It seems a lot of people have heard of this movie, but few have seen it. This is not a good film by any means, but it is highly entertaining. From the wonderful theme performed by punk legends The Dickies to the Klowns’ weakness (pop them in the nose) this movie is a hoot and a holler. Victims wrapped in cotton candy, ornate shadow puppetry (George Washington crossing the Delaware), a circus tent space craft, balloon animal chases, and my favorite on screen altercation in movie history – bikers take on a tiny clown on a little clown bike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAWOxxKFsiI . I’ve always had a bit of clown fear so I really appreciated the clown treatment here. See this movie with friends and you will have inside jokes to share for life.

There are so many more films we could have included and it was hard to limit ourselves to just six, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you with homework.

Now, go watch these and report back, ASAP. There will be a quiz.

-Bex and Proffitt, Good Girls Gone Geek