On the fifth day of Christmas Hollywood gave to me, The Hobbit trailer! That is right Nerdites, eight years after we last saw J.R.R. Tolkien’s magnificent world on the big screen, today we finally get to see the trailer to one of the most wonderful books of all time. 
The Hobbit is one of the most important fantasy books of all time. Tolkien not only defined a genre in The Hobbit, he made fantasy accessible to millions. It is essential reading for any nerdy kid, the ultimate story of adventure. I can honestly say that I am more excited about this movie than I was about any of the Lord of the Rings movies. Much to my own chagrin, I did not care much for Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring, and as a result did not watch either of the followups in the theatre. As a matter of fact, I saw The Fellowship of the Ring on opening night and then did not watch another movie until The Return of the King came out with it’s extended version years later. I then, as the result of an agreement with my then boss at Blockbuster, watched all three extended editions in succession over the course of a day. To this day I still contend that The Fellowship of the Ring was mediocre at best and that the other two movies were never as good as I would have hoped.
I now know this is my fault. While I have not read Tolkien’s books in decades, I remember how they made me feel when I read them as a kid. They were a world of wonder and amazement that has rarely been duplicated in my life. I am mature enough now to know that Jackson can only do so much and that he will never be able to replicate that feeling for me. What I can say is that the movies have given Tolkien’s masterpiece to a generation of people that may not be so quick to pick up his books. And while that may not be the best way to experience Middle-Earth it is certainly better than not experiencing it at all.The Hobbit is a special book, and I look forward to two fantastic movies.