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After a bit of a slow start, Green Lantern Corps sure has picked up over the last two issues.  The action is almost been non-stop and with a very intriguing storyline developing, it looks like things will get worse before they get better for the Green Lanterns.

John Stewart and a handful of other Lanterns were left behind on the planet Xabas at the mercy of a powerful and mysterious new enemy.  These new foes are nearly immune to the energy of the corps’ power rings.  But more dangerous, they are empowered by their own emerald energy of willpower.

After a disastrous and costly battle the majority of Lanterns are teleported back to Oa.  John Stewart and a few others are left behind.  With their rings nearly out of energy, Stewart surrenders to their enemies but instead of killing them, they are taken captive.

Back on Oa, Guy Gardner and Salaak interrogate one of the soldiers they captured during the battle.  Their prisoner shows remarkable resistance and Guy finds it increasingly difficult to get any information from him.  It is clear that strong measures are in order.

Some of the other Lanterns are finding it difficult dealing with survivors guilt at leaving their brothers behind and at the mercy of a ruthless enemy.  Isamot Kol and Hannu are having the most difficulty dealing with their feelings and like some of the other Lanterns are plagued by nightmares.

John and the others are led through some kind of wormhole to some strange planet or another dimension.  There they are forced to march across what the soldiers call “the emerald plains”.

On Oa, Guy Gardner is paid a visit by The Martian Manhunter who agrees to probe the soldier’s mind and find out who and want he is.  It doesn’t take long for J’onn to discover who this mysterious new threat is.  They call themselves The Keepers and they were once responsible for tending the corps’ power batteries.  He also makes another startling discovery.  The Keepers are coming to Oa for the central power battery.

“Where was your Green Lantern Corps when Mars needed you?  You Green Lanterns think you’re the ultimate authority in the universe, and I don’t enjoy helping you.  But in this instance, we work for the same purpose.  These warmongers could eventually threaten my adopted world, which I intend to prevent.  I hold a special grudge for world killers.”

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, Green Lantern Corps had a slow but rather intriguing start.  I didn’t dislike it but it seemed to drag a little at the beginning.  Since the first issue this series has done nothing but get better.  With epic battles and lots of ring slingin’ action this is probably one of the better of the Green Lantern titles so far.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the drama and the intricate story associated with these first few issues.  Never having been a fan of Guy Gardner I am growing to like him in this title or at the very least I am tolerating him.  All in all Green Lantern Corps #4 is a good romp and an excellent read.

Story by: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils by: Fernando Pasarin
Inks by: Scott Hanna
Colors by: Gabe Elteab

By The Nerd


As the title implies, we indeed see the end of Optimus Prime in this Transformers one shot from IDW.  After the rather pointless and lackluster last issue of Transformers: Ongoing we are treated to a real story of consequence in this one shot.  Transformers as we know it is gone and IDW is taking the series in a totally new direction; well two actually.  The series breaks off into two different titles, Robots In Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye.

The long war for Cybertron is over.  The Autobots claim victory over the rival Deceptions, but the damage to the planet and the aftermath of the horrors of war make it certain that no one as truly won.  Megatron and Galvatron are gone and presumed dead.  The damage caused to the planet by the Decepticon gestalt and The Matrix is nearly catastrophic.

A dazed and confused Optimus Prime awakens on a Cybertron he no longer recognizes.  At first he thinks he’s dead and has gone to the Afterspark.  But what he soon realizes is that he is alive and Cybertron has been forever changed.  The Matrix of Leadership is empty and broken.  Prime walks the desolate plains of a ravaged Cybertron and is surprised to find life.

It has been three weeks since the war ended.  The Autobots who remained on Earth have returned to help pick up the pieces.  The surviving Decepticons, with no leader have lost their will to fight and have been corralled into a makeshift P.O.W. camp.  More surprising is that thousands of non-combatants and Cybertronian civilians have returned to the planet to reclaim their home.

The Autobots are put into a precarious position as an occupying force.  With no war, no enemy left to fight, the civilians call for their removal from power and that they leave the planet to them.  Outnumbered, the Autobots argue among themselves about the best course of action.  Do they leave the home they have fought for millions of years to defend, or do they find a way to coexist with the Cybertronian civilians?

As crowds of civilians gather around Iacon, protesting the Autobots claim to the planet, things start to turn violent.  Bumblebee, still clinging to the mantle of leader makes a controversial decision and frees the Decepticons to help with crowd control.  With no real sense of purpose and no true leader, Starscream and the other Decepticons agree and help the Autobots keep the civilians at bay.

Optimus Prime only stands by and watches as the Cybertron he swore to protect, once again splinters into factions and begins to tear itself apart again.  He makes the only decision he can and addresses the population.  Being a living symbol of the war itself, he no longer has a place on Cybertron.  He makes a compromise; he will leave the planet forever in exchange, the Autobots and Decepticons will be allowed to stay and make a place for themselves.

“When I became a Prime, I wrote two speeches…two speeches to be filed away until the war was over.  I would give one in the event of victory, the other in the event of defeat.  Standing before you today, I do not know which to give.”

“In your eyes at least, I am the war.  I represent everything that you sought to escape from…everything you rejected.  As such, I am an obstacle to peace…something I have no wish to be.  And that is why, tomorrow morning I am leaving Cybertron forever.”

As surprising and shocking an ending this is, it is somehow satisfying and a fitting end to the war.  We all know the premise behind Transformers.  A lot of us grew up with them and know it all too well.  It was only a matter of time before someone had to win.  I am glad that IDW is taking this step in progressing the storyline of Transformers.  There are so many other great stories to tell besides Autobots versus Decepticons and this is a chance to see if these characters can find a place beyond the war.

One thing I found very interesting about this issue was how Optimus Prime is certain Megatron is alive somewhere in the galaxy.  He knows that at some point his return to Cybertron will be necessary.  He will be called back to defend his home again.  Plus, to have Megatron just mysteriously die in a blinding white light wouldn’t be fitting for him.

As two new chapters for Transformers are about to being I find that I am of two minds about it.  Part of me is excited to see what happens next.  The thrill of new possibilities and new adventures to be had.  Another part of me is sad to see the Transformers universe as I know it come to an end.

Whatever the writers have in store, it will certainly be interesting and I am anxious to find out what happens. 

Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime
Story by: James Roberts and John Barber
Art by: Nick Roche
Colors by: Josh Burcham
Letters by: Shawn Lee

Flash Gordon, the timeless sci-fi action hero returns tocomics in a fantastic new story from Dynamite Comics!
I must say that I was rather intrigued when I heard aboutthis new Flash Gordon book.  I am a fanof the 1980 movie Flash Gordon starting Sam Jones & Max Von Sydow and Ieven remember watching a pretty cool animated series in the early 80s and was mesmerizedby it.
This new book is a spin on the story from the movie.  The first few lines are even taken directlyfrom the film.  But shortly after, thewhole story takes a fairly expected and admittedly fun turn.
Ming the Merciless, ruler of Mongo and the known universeplans the conquest of Earth.  He sendsemissaries to choose a proxy to govern the planet in his name.  Ming unleashes a barrage of natural disastersand strange phenomena to weaken and terrify the people of Earth before hisinvasion begins.
Meanwhile Flash Gordon and Dale Arden, narrowly escape fromthe plane carrying them to a secret location before it crashes.  The two miraculously parachuting to the exactpoint they need to find.  Flash has beensent by the President of the United States to find Dr. Hans Zarkov.  The US Government believes that Dr. Zarkovmay be able to explain what is happening around the globe.
Instead of welcoming Flash and Dale, Zarkov hold them atgunpoint and forces them into a rocket ship he has constructed to travel to theorigin of the cosmic forces wrecking havoc on the Earth.  Flash tries to stop the paranoiac Dr. Zarkovand the two struggle as the rocket soars skyward to the unknown.
The story is all too familiar, but in spite of that this wasjust a fun book to read.  It brings backmemories of my younger days.  Even with afairly predictable story thus far, there is enough of a twist to make itsomewhat unique and worthy of attention. I shouldn’t have to even mention that comic legend Alex Ross is involvedwith the artwork as well as the story.  As an added bonus and incentive, the book is only one dollar, that certainly brings back memories.
This kind of book is what made comic books great in thefirst place.  It’s almost like you’rereading a piece of history when you flip through the pages of this book.  Flash Gordon has been around for a long timeand has been re-introduced to new generations of fans more than once.  I am glad that the old classics can still be relevantin this day and age.  This is definitelya title I will be adding to my regular pull list.
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #1 was written by Eric Trautmann& Alex Ross with artwork by Daniel Indro & Slamet Mujiono.  Additional cover artwork by Alex Ross, PaulRenaud, Francesco Francavilla and Wagner Reis.
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Francesco Francavilla retro cover

Superman faces tough criticism from the media and thegeneral public as another strange alien menace attacks Metropolis.  The Nerd reviews Superman #3.

Clark Kent visits the grave of his adoptive parents Jonathan& Martha Kent.  Meanwhile the mediais preparing a piece on him debating whether his presence in Metropolis iscausing more harm than good.  Lois Laneis angry at the anti-Superman bias of the piece and argues for a more balancedand fair slant.
Superman is not the only mystery to Lois and others at theDaily Planet.  Lois and Perry White talkabout the change in Clark Kent’s behavior lately.  Work is the furthest thing from Clark’s mindas he struggles to find any clues to the two recent alien attacks.  Why are the targeting him and why is thestrange language they are speaking sound so familiar.
As Clark rushes to meet his obligations to the Daily Planetanother alien appears.  This new alien ispowered by cold and ice and starts to freeze anything and anyone in itspath.  Superman immediately arrives onthe scene, but isn’t able to do much to stop this latest threat to Metropolis.
Will Superman be able to stop this new threat?  How will he react when he learns a closefriend is involved?  And what do thesealiens want with Superman and Clark Kent?
“Remember the first time we saw that strange shadow up inthe sky?  Silhouetted against the morningsun, it looked to many like some large swooping bird.  Others reported that it was a small plane, orairship or some other UFO.  But no, itwas a man.  A man in a red cape.  A superman…who seemed to drop from the skyout of nowhere.  No history.  No past.”
Never being a big Superman fan in the past, I have to admitnow that I have added this title to my pull like that I am liking this newSuperman.  He’s not quite the big blueboy scout we’ve seen for so many years. This new Superman isn’t quite sure of himself nor do I think he’s fullyaware of just how powerful he really is. In some ways he reminds me of Batman and that isn’t necessarily a badthing.  He’s cocky and a little arrogant,yet unlike Batman, he isn’t always certain of whether he’s doing the rightthing.
This new Superman series makes references back to the newAction Comics which I don’t regularly keep up with.  I like the idea of Action Comics and Supermanhappening at different points in time. This Superman is much different than the one portrayed in ActionComics.  I like what George Perez hasdone with Superman; enough that I added the title to my pull list.  I am completely caught up in this story arcand I am intrigued with what Perez has in store for the readers.
I’m also quite impressed with Nicola Scott’s artwork,particularly in this issue.  The way shedraws Clark and Lois are especially brilliant.  Nicola’s Superman reminds me ever so vaguely of Christopher Reeve when he first appeared as the Man of Steel in 1978.  Her backgrounds are wonderful and the choice of angles helps the storyflow more like a movie than a comic book.
Superman #3, was written by George Perez, with artwork byNicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

In this issue, a group of Autobots led by a dangerous andunstable Arcee approach Cybertron to try and stop Galvatron from using the Heartof Darkness.  Arcee reveals thatGalvatron is being tricked into using the Heart of Darkness to bring the DeadUniverse into ours.  The result would bethe destruction of not only Cybertron, but our entire universe.
On Cybertron, Megatron fights the immense being comprised ofall the Decepticons.  As the Autobotswatch in horror, Megatron is close to being defeated.  Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Rodimus are tryingto reach Galvatron before he is able to inject the Heart of Darkness into Vector Sigma located in the planet’s core.
The Matrix is guiding both Optimus and Rodimus to Galvatron;but Optimus is filled with doubt whether they will be able to stop Galvatron intime.  Optimus sends Ironhide back to thesurface with a gravely wounded Drift while he and Rodimus go on to findGalvatron.
A force of evil in the Dead Universe called the D-void cancontrol the minds of the Decepticons and it wants Megatron.  But as ever, Megatron will not be controlledby any creature.  He resists the D-voidand continues to fight to save Cybertron.
Optimus and Rodimus find Galvatron but they are toolate.  He has already injected the Heartof Darkness into Vector Sigma.  Cybertronis being used as a portal to bring the Dead Universe into this one.  All seems lost and existence as they know itis about to end.  Want to find out whathappens next?  Pick up a copy of Transformers #30 from your LCS today.
“All right creature. Come if you’re coming.  Musteryour parts…my own soldiers…for the final sortie.  I can feel you in my head, trying to mastermy will.  To join with you.  But I will not yield.  I will not be conquered.  I will not be defied.  I…am…Megatron!”
As the Chaos event is coming to a close I will admit that Iam somewhat confused.  The addition ofother characters suddenly is making this story a bit convoluted.  That along with my dislike for the washed outartwork continues to make this event a little hard for me to follow.  I often find it difficult to make out whichcharacter is which and I find I have to go back and re-read the book twicesometimes three times to fully understand what is going on.
I hate to give any book a negative review and I am sad thatI am losing my interest in this Transformersseries because it has become difficult to follow.  I keep wanting to come back because I am soinvested now in this event that I have to know what happens and how it willlead into the next event The Death of Optimus Prime.  Once the Transformersseries splits into two separate titles, I don’t know how much longer I willcontinue to follow it.  I am hoping thatan injection of new talent into the series will help renew my interest.  So far I am sorry to say that LivioRamondelli’s artwork is ruining this book for me.
Transformers #30is written by Mike Costa and James Roberts with artwork by Livio Ramondelli.

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This is dedication folks, I am working on Thanksgiving.  As the turkey slowly bakes away in the ovenand the smell travels throughout the house, I am sitting here reading thisweek’s new releases for you.  The firstbook in my list was Batman: The DarkKnight #3 and I have to say that so far it is the best issue of the seriesto date and probably the best book I’ve read out of this week’s releases.
This month’s issue is full of surprises and guest stars asBatman tracks down the source of the toxin being used to give his mostdangerous adversaries super strength. But every lead he tracks down only reveals more questions.  And who is this mysterious White Rabbit andhow is she involved in all of this.
Caught on a subway train with no immediate avenue forescape, Batman takes on Joker who has been bulked up to superhuman proportions.  While White Rabbit looks on, Joker and Batmanbattle; but Batman knows the course of the toxin and Joker only has limitedtime to take him out before the toxin wears off.  Closer examination of Joker’s moves mannerismsreveal that he’s not the real Joker. Clayface has tipped his hand and revealed his secret.  Not long after, the toxin has run its courseand Clayface collapses.
Exhausted from the fight and somewhat trapped beneath theunconscious Clayface, Batman is at White Rabbit’s mercy.  But before she can inject him with something,Batman’s distress call is answered, by The Flash.  White Rabbit quickly runs off as Flashrushes in to Batman’s rescue.
GCPD Lieutenant Forbes has it out for Batman and is vowingto bring him and anyone helping him in; convinced that Batman has compromisedhis investigation.  As usual, The DarkKnight is way ahead of Forbes and turns Clayface over to him.  The gift of a suspect also comes with a warning.  Batman warns Forbes to stay out of his wayand not compromise his work.
Further analysis of the toxin points Batman in an unexpecteddirection, Poison Ivy.  Even though she has been working with the Birds of Prey, Batman doesn’t fully truth them.  He decides to confront Ivy on her turf andbrings Flash along as backup.  Want to knowwhat happens next?  Head down to your LCSand pick up Batman: The Dark Knight #3.
“If you mess with me, I’ll find you and you’ll never see mecoming.  If you compromise my work, I’llknock your down so quickly you’ll think you traveled backwards in time.  If you try to hurt my people…if you so muchas hand them a parking tickets…I’ll be the first shadow you forget to check.”
This new Dark Knight series so far is so much better thanthe pre-reboot series.  This first storyarc has been full of surprises and has left me guessing about what will happennext.  This book hasn’t been nearly aspredictable as most other books.  For meat least it has been a pleasant surprise out of all the other new books.  Paul Jenkins has put together a fantasticopening act while introducing a great new villain in White Rabbit.  I know I am eager to learn more about her andwho or what is behind this super-steroid toxin.
Batman: The DarkKnight #3 was written by Paul Jenkins, penciled by David Finch and inked byRichard Friend.
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Let me start by saying, I am enjoying Nightwing. Overall the book is a bit of a mixed bag, but the bottom line is I am going to keep reading it, and I believe writer Kyle Higgins knows what he wants to do with Dick Grayson. If you have not been reading the series Higgins has re-introduced us to Grayson by bringing Haley’s Circus roaring back into his life. What Higgins really excels at here is reminding us how important Haley’s Circus and its people are to Dick. Whether it’s Raya, the love interest returned, and yet another redhead or Zane the former friend turned assassin broker, Higgins is giving us a story rife with personal history. 
The latest issue sees our hero traveling to Chicago to find Zane and investigate his possible connection to the assassin Saiko.  While we do not see much of Saiko in this issue, what we are coming to find is that he may be someone closer to Grayson than any of us realize, and it is certainly compelling. However, like I said before, it is a bit of a mixed bag. Higgins opens the book with a great flashback introducing us to Grayson’s friends and demonstrating the murdered Mr. Haley’s importance to him. But the entire time I was reading it I was distracted by the fact that the memory occurred only five years before. I am struggling to reconcile the idea that in five years Dick watches his parents die, gets adopted by Bruce Wayne, becomes Robin, becomes Nightwing, then Batman, and is now once again Nightwing. This is more DC’s fault than the creative team’s, but the reality is, reminding us it has only been five years only takes away from what Higgins is doing here.

Next we have his interaction with Zane. Again it has its pros in that Zane is introduced as someone who matters to Dick and someone who still cares for Haley’s Circus. Higgins even gives Zane a villainous background, powers, and a former handle, Feedback. But then comes the cons, Feedback uses his powers to subdue Nightwing by making him relive the death of his parents, and other hard moments. As much as this might have sounded great on paper, I think it took away from what could have been a much more powerful exchange between Zane and Dick themselves. This is someone that Dick grew up with, and has now become a villain, an assassin broker, possibly because Dick left the circus. I think exploring deeper into that would have proven more effective in relation to the rest of what Higgins is trying to do. It just the perpetual feeling that there is a really book that is plagued by small miscues and distracters.

The art by Barrows and Pansica is proving to be very good. They especially excel at putting Nightwing in his acrobatic glory against a landscape. The book has a very dark feel in both inks and colors and fits the tone of what the otherwise light hearted Grayson is dealing with. If I had any criticism it is that randomly there will be a face where the proportions are just really off. I think they stand out even more because there are so few of them and they are so comparatively bad in relation to all the other pages. In general the faces and expressions in this book are spot on. The detail that Barrows and Pansica put into some of these heavy moments, like Haley’s funeral or Dick being forced to relive his tragedies, really resonate. You can tell that they, like Higgins, want us to know how important this case and these moments mean to Grayson. Like the writing, the few miscues on the faces just prove to be distracters to what is otherwise fantastic work.
Overall, it is like I said I like this book and will keep reading it. I love the character of Nightwing and cannot wait to see where Higgins and the rest of the team take him. I think that using Haley’s Circus as the focus following the reboot is not only fitting, but powerful, I only hope that these small miscues do not continue and bring down an otherwise very good book.

By Jason Padua

At the furthest edge of the universe, the Red Lantern Corpsare on a mission to hunt down and kill every Green Lantern they encounter.
The premiere of GreenLantern: The Animated Series was everything I hoped and expected it tobe.  Not only weren’t we bogged down byan overdone and pointless back story, the story we did get was exciting andaction packed.  This was the GreenLantern I was hoping the live action movie was going to be.
At the edge of the universe known as Frontier Space, theGreen Lanterns chosen to protect these far off sectors have received little tono training that their other Lantern brothers take for granted.  They are virtually on their own, with theclosest help nearly eighteen months away. When four Lanterns are killed by a mysterious new enemy, it quicklycomes to the attention of the Guardians of the Universe that something is wrong.
While on Oa facing disciplinary actions, Green Lantern ofsector 2814, Hal Jordan is made aware of the newest threat to the Corps.  Hal is determined to find out who isresponsible for the murder of his fellow Lanterns.  The Guardians forbid him from investigatingthe situation and that they need further information before acting on it.  In true Guardian fashion, they deny theexistence of the possible “Lantern killers”.
But one Guardian, a more open minded and free thinkingGanthet discreetly shows Hal and fellow Green Lantern, Kilowog a new ship capable of making thejourney to Frontier Space in a fraction of the time it would normallytake.  This new interceptor is powered bya Green Lantern power battery and come equipped with an A.I. intelligencenavigation system.
Never one to pass up a good opportunity, Hal decides toborrow (steal) the prototype ship and take it to Frontier Space to hunt downthe Lantern killers.  However Kilowogknows Hal far too well and is waiting for him in the hangar with the intentionof going along, for nothing else but to make sure Hal doesn’t get himselfkilled.
The journey to Frontier Space doesn’t go as smoothly as Halhoped it would.  Their hasty departurefrom Oa caused their warp field to become unstable and they have to make quickadjustments before the ship is torn apart. Upon arriving, they are immediately alerted to a Lantern under attack,Hal and Kilowog rush to the rescue and are viciously attacked by the two“Lantern Killers”.  It takes all theirskill and tricks to fight off the incredibly violent attackers and rescue theirfellow Lantern.
And thus a struggle begins that will determine the fate ofan entire planet as well as the Green Lantern Corps itself.  Hal and Kilowog discover the identities oftheir attackers and the danger is worse than they feared.  Trapped in Frontier Space with any hopes ofreinforcements over a year away, it is up to Hal Jordan and Kilowog to makecertain this evil never makes it to Oa.
This premiere episode of GreenLantern: The Animated Series gives us another brief glimpse into Cartoon Network’s new block of programmed called DC Nation.  This is the first of several new seriescoming from the DC universe.  Even thoughI have gone on record with my dislike for the CG animation style that is theall the rage recently, I will admit that I liked this episode in spite of thedistaste for the animation.
It was a relief to see that this series didn’t disappointthe way the big screen version did.  Iimagine you have to know your core audience and adding Green Lantern to the block of other DC shows was certainly the bestidea.  In addition, this proves that GreenLantern isn’t some obscure character that no one cares about; he has a loyalfollowing.
I truly enjoyed how Hal Jordan was portrayed but was alittle disappointed in Kilowog.  I wishhe would have been played more like Michael Madsen did in Green Lantern: FirstFlight.  The biggest surprise was theGuardians.  They were as arrogant andcerebral as you’d come to expect; and I loved how Ganthet stood out as the“rogue” element on the Guardian council.
I was sad to find out that Green Lantern wasn’t in next week’s lineup of programming onCartoon Network but I am eagerly awaiting more episodes of the series.  One quick note to Cartoon Network, it mightbring in more viewers if you lined up encore airings of this episode.

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Hal Jordan enters into an uneasy alliance with Sinestro tohelp him liberate his home world of Korugar from his former Lantern Corps; butthis is a mission one of them will not return from alive.
Hal Jordan once again wields a Green Lantern power ring, butthere are strings attached.  That ring iscontrolled by Sinestro who can take it way or limit its power whenever he seesfit.  Sinestro needs Hal’s help to freeKorugar from enslavement at the hands of the Yellow Lantern Corps, the Corps heuse to lead.
Hal reluctantly agrees to help Sinestro who agrees that onceKorugar has been liberated Hal will get to keep the ring with no restrictions.  Time is of the essence and Sinestro’s plan totake out the Yellow Lanterns depends on precise timing and his ability to holdoff the entire Corps alone while Hal sneaks into the Yellow Central PowerBattery and shut it down.
Sinestro and Hal argue over the possible failure of hisplan, but as usual Sinestro’s confidence and arrogance along with Hal’s stubbornnesscause tension between the two former enemies. Hal simply doesn’t trust Sinestro even though he again wears the ringand uniform of a Green Lantern.  Sinestrodoes nothing to hide his anger and resentment toward the Guardians and Hal forhis re-enlistment into the Green Lantern Corps.
On Oa, the Guardians ponder on their past mistakes anddebate plans for the future.  Now thatGanthet has rejoined the Guardians they are able to clearly see their nextstep.  After their disastrous and costlyfailure with the Manhunters the Guardians now see the Green Lanterns as anotherfailure on their part.  They determinenow is the time to replace the Green Lantern Corps.
The two uneasy allies set out to Korugar to save its peoplefrom enslavement; but as with all well made plans, things don’t always happenas expected.  Hal and Sinestro bothencounter obstacles and the issue comes to a close with one of them losingtheir life.  If you want to know more, Isuggest you rush out to your local comic store and pick up Green Lantern #3 to find out for yourself.
“Every second I pointlessly argue with you, someone onKorugar suffers longer than they need to. You haven’t been able to sort out your relationship with Carol foryears.  Do you really think a briefgoodbye is going to fix things?  What’smore important here:  futilely putting abandage on the gaping wound of your failed romance or saving an entire world?”
As a long time Green Lantern fan, I am pleased with Geoff Johnsand the direction he is taking this series after the DCU reboot.  With most of the GL universe remaining intactit appears to me that this may inevitably fall on Sinestro and Hal Jordon tosave the Green Lantern Corps from being annihilated by the Guardiansthemselves.
I can see this turning into the first big GL event of theDCnU when the entire Corps is called upon to fight for their survival againstthe very beings that created them.  Thiswasn’t a spectacular issue by any means, but it will come down to being apivotal point in what is yet to come for GreenLantern.
Green Lantern was written by Geoff Johns, penciled by Doug Mahnke, inked by Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin and Tom Nguyen.
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