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Merry Christmas everyone!  A new batch of pictures have been released from The Dark Knight Rises.  Like the ones posted yesterday, they were previously released in low-res version in Empire Magazine and were blocked by words or other graphics.  But now we have them crystal clear with no obstructions including the subscriber exclusive Bane cover shot.

Hurry up July, you can’t get here fast enough!

Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The screenplay is written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer. The film is produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven, who previously teamed on “Batman Begins” and the record-breaking blockbuster “The Dark Knight.” The executive producers are Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy and Thomas Tull, with Jordan Goldberg serving as co-producer. The film is based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Batman was created by Bob Kane.

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These pictures have been seen before, but only in low-res versions from Empire Magazine.  The new pics reveal some previously hidden details; most notably one of Bane’s mercenaries looking on while he and Batman presumably fight.

This will be the movie of the summer folks.  As the release date approaches will be likely see more and more images and spoilers.  Unfortunately, I am a sponge when it comes to Batman spoilers so there is a good chance I could ruin the movie for myself long before I even see it.  Nah!

What other details could we see revealed as the clock ticks closer and closer to July?  The rumors are all over the place as to who will do what and who is really who in this film.  But I am not going to get into the discussion of spoilers at this point.  I will say that there is a fine line between juicy details and down right ruining the whole movie for everyone.  We’ll see before long just how far DC and Warner Bros are willing to go; and for that matter eager and over-anxious fans.

The biggest rumor floating around is whether Nolan plans on killing Batman in this film.  There has been a lot of speculation, you can even read my take on the subject in another post here on Word of the Nerd.  Another unanswered and highly sought after rumor is the role of Marion Cotillard and whether her character is Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul.  To quote The Dark Knight, Nolan and company are “playing this one pretty close to the chest”.

No matter what Nolan has in store for us, we’ll all find out together come this July.  I know I can hardly wait for this film and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be the blockbuster movie of summer and the year.  Perhaps if the Oscar gods are kind we may even see a Best Picture nod for Nolan’s final and hopefully greatest Batman film.

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If you haven’t already seen The Dark Knight Rises new trailer, now is your chance in full HD glory.  This is definitely one of the most anticipated movies of the upcoming summer.  The most difficult part will be having to wait until late July to see the film.

There has been a ton of speculation surrounding plot and characters in this installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga.  We’re not given much more insight by this trailer, but we do get a glimpse into how dark and gritty it will be.  Anne Hathaway as Seline Kyle (Catwoman) has a wonderful bit in the trailer and show us this will be a hard hitting drama that stands to top The Dark Knight.

Check out the trailer below!

There is also a companion piece to this where I discuss whether if fans are ready to see Batman die.  Check it out here.

You can also download the trailer courtesy of Apple.

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There have been rumors about rumors when it comes toChristopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Spoilers and images from the set have flooded the interwebs in recentweeks; but we are still no closer to finding out what is really going on inthe film.

There have been numerous speculations about characters, plotpoints, which actor was playing who and why. Then the conspiracy theories started finding their way around and by thetime the film hits theaters next summer, Bat-mania will have gripped us onceagain.
The main cast of characters Christian Bale, Gary Oldman anddirector Christopher Nolan have all announced that this will definitely betheir last Batman film.  We’ve heard itbefore though from Nolan, but this time there does seem to be finality to hiswords.  Go out on a high note and don’tlet the franchise suffer from Bat-fatigue.
Is Christopher Nolanplanning on killing off Batman in this film? If so, are we as fans ready to see that happen?  We all know what happened to Batman when hefirst tangled with Bane in the 90s.  Theresult was a broken back and Bruce Wayne giving the mantle of the Bat to Jean Paul Valley.
With the recent release of the film’s new teaser poster, itdefinitely implies that the Dark Knight meets his end.  That implication could mean quite a fewthings and I am sure in the months leading up to the film’s release, there willbe endless debate about it.
This is where you will see people coming down on differentsides.  While I maintain I do not want tosee Batman die in the film, my partner JP thinks it would be exciting to seeBatman go to the big Batcave in the sky. Comic book heroes die all the time, at least in the past twenty years ithas become a sad cliché in the industry. Kill off a popular character or presume they are dead, and then with theappropriate flourish and hype, bring them back from the dead.
Would it be appropriate for Batman to die in The Dark KnightRises?  You’re going to get all kinds ofanswers from fans.  Nolan wants to wrapup his trilogy and move on, but DC and Warner Bros want the Bat-train tocontinue rolling.  Warner Bros will need asuccessful franchise after The Dark Knight Rises.  Their other box office juggernaut HarryPotter has ended and with the failure of Green Lantern to draw audiences in,Warner Bros is desperate for the next big thing.
A reboot of the Batman franchise has been discussed with thepossibility of launching a DC Universe franchise similar to what Marvel hasdone with The Avengers.  The best hopefor a Justice League movie died two years ago after a cast had been announcedand filming was about to begin.  Fanshave been clamoring for a Justice League film for quite some time and the endof the current Batman franchise could certainly pave the way for that.
Killing Christian Bale’s Batman would certainly seem like adirection Nolan would take to bring his trilogy to an end.  With Batman dead, a sequel would seemunlikely.  But would a backlash from fansbe more negative to DC and Warner Bros than they would care for?  I certainly would not want to see Batman diein this film.  It’s just unheard of tokill such a legendary and beloved character like that.  Who knows what’s in the mind of ChristopherNolan right now.  Filming has wrapped andpost production is underway.  In spite ofall the set photos on the internet, there is quite a bit of secrecy in theNolan camp about the story.
I am taking a “wait and see” approach to The Dark KnightRises.  There is no doubt that it will bea fantastic film; there is no way it couldn’t be.  In Nolan We Trust is a mantra I have adoptedsince Batman Begins.  I trust what Nolanwill do and I know that whether I agree with what he does or not, he willdeliver another masterpiece.  We will allget to see this summer.

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Critics of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises have cause to settle down now.  Over the weekend, photos were leaked on the internet of Anne filming scenes in what is most likely the full Catwoman outfit.  It still isn’t what I was really expecting, but not bad nonetheless.  There is still no sign of the signature whip that she uses, but I am sure we’ve not gotten every single detail of the film spoiled yet.

We haven’t heard much news from the set of The Dark Knight Rises since shooting in Pittsburgh wrapped.  I for one am eager to see and hear more about this latest and final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

But those of us who are eager for everything Batman there is this fan made movie posters.  They were drawn by Alex Stojanov and really captures the essence of the film’s major characters.  Check them out below and then visit Alex’s deviantArt page.

Here are some better, closer views of what most people are calling the Batwing from The Dark Knight Rises.  Based on these better pictures I am personally more convinced it will be an aerial vehicle.  Check out the pics below.

This picture was taken in Pittsburgh near the Wabash Tunnel.  It is some sort of vehicle based off the Tumbler design.  Could this be the Batwing?  There has been speculation that Batman would get a flying vehicle in this film and this very well could be it.  What do you think?  Leave your comments as to what you think it might be.

I thought the majority of the cast speculation was over at this point but according to Hypable and a reliable source, The Riddler is set to appear in The Dark Knight Rises.  The source is claiming that a casting sheet with all major characters lists Edward Nygma with a blank space next to it signifying that the role hasn’t been cast.

There is no way to confirm or deny the rumor at this point but it could point to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as originally considered.  Frankly I don’t think there is much to this rumor and it is merely that, a rumor, perhaps even false information to throw off prying eyes. 

Here is an excerpt from the Hypable post:

As of April, it doesn’t look like the character had been cast, but that most likely has changed now, nearly 4 months later. Below is how our source described the document to look:

BANE (LEAD) – Tom Hardy
SELINA KYLE (LEAD) – Anne Hathaway
FEMALE LEAD (LEAD) – Marion Cotillard (attached)

This is only a rumor for now, but there has been a lot of secrecy and plenty of misdirection regarding The Dark Knight Rises.  Little tidbits of information have leaked out here and there, but can any of it be taken to heart?

One more rumor coming from the set reveals that a major character in the series will meet his demise in the film.  If you’re not into spoilers or you’re just not the type to play into the rumor mill, then you won’t want to continue reading this.


Sources from the Pittsburgh set are saying that Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) will be violently killed off in the final installment of this Batman franchise.  Who the killer is at this point is only a guess, but it would make sense that Bane does the deed to provoke Batman/Bruce Wayne into a confrontation.  Some are guessing that it might be Jim Gordon who buys it in this film based on evidence seen in the teaser trailer.  This however seems unlikely since Gordon is such a pivotal character.  It would make for an interesting plot twist though.

As I said before this is only a rumor with very little hard facts to back it up.  Treat it as simply that, a rumor until proven otherwise.