After the amazing first episode of the new ThunderCats, I was extremely eager to see more.  Even though this latest episode had a very familiar theme, it was gratifying nonetheless.  It seems to me that these first two episodes were over before I knew it, which I take as a good sign that I’m enjoying them.

As Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara mourn the death of Claudus, the remaining lizard forces pillage Thundra.  Wiley Kat and Wiley Kit meet up with Lion-O and the others as they set out across Third Earth in search of Mumm-Ra and his army.  The group find the edge of the sand sea are a soon captured by Whiskers.  Just as the Whiskers are about to cut the ThunderCats for dinner, Ramlak, a tentacled beast of the sand sea attacks.  Lion-O and the other escape during the attack and join with the Whiskers to battle the monster.

The Whisker captain takes on the ThunderCats as part of his crew and explains to Lion-O of his quest to track down and kill the Ramlak for taking his leg and destroying his home.  Lion-O understands the captain’s quest for vengeance and also becomes obsessed with the captain’s bitter hatred of the Ramlak.  Tygra and Cheetara try to warn Lion-O and the captain as they chase the Ramlak into a violent storm but Lion-O ignores their warnings as the battle against the Ramlak rages on.

The Ramlak all but destroys the ship and as the crew fall overboard, Lion-O soon realizes that the captain is will to make any sacrifice to kill the beast.  As the captain goes down fighting the monster, Lion-O rescues the others but the Ramlak strikes again taking Lion-O.  The others watch in disbelief as Lion-O kills the beast from inside, spilling the water it consumed giving the Whiskers their home back.  In gratitude, the remaining crew give the ThunderCats a boat and they head off in search of the Book of Omens.

In Mumm-Ra’s pyramid, he and Grune torture Jaga for the location of the Book of Omens.  Using his dark magic, Mumm-Ra forces Jaga to reveal a possible location of the book.  The race is on for Lion-O and the other ThunderCats to find the Book of Omens before Mumm-Ra and Grune.

This episode reminded me of the original ThunderCats series.  Their take on the Moby Dick theme and the life lesson learned by Lion-O by foolishly following the captain on a mindless quest for revenge was well done in spite of having been done dozens of times before.  This episode had a good mix of story and action and was suitable for kids.  It was meaningful like the original series without being too corny.  Enjoyable for both kids and adults without too much violence.

4 out of 5